Religious Groups on Campus by the Numbers

I decided to break down the groups on campus by category in order to see the prevalence of different religious backgrounds in the organized community of student groups.

There are 37 active groups that are predominantly associated with Christianity, 4 that are Muslim, 4 that are Buddhist, 3 that are Jewish, and 2 that are Hindu. There are also a handful of secular groups that have different purposes and are not directly based on a religious set of beliefs (or lack thereof).

This breakdown is not a surprise. The largest religion by population percentage in the United States is Christianity, and that remains true when focusing only on Minnesota. This information, coupled withe the fact that about two thirds of University of Minnesota students are from within the sate, suggests that having a high concentration of Christians in the student body is not unlikely.

With other religious groups, it’s almost impossible to predict accurately how many students there would be. This is because Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism are much less common in the United Sates and in Minnesota. So, a few more or less students of a certain religion could swing the results for that groups by a noticeable margin.

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