Despite making major strides over the past decade to become more eco-friendly, live events like music festivals and sports tournaments tend to get a bad rap when it comes to their impact on the environment. A recent study found that the UK event industry uses approximately 380 million litres of diesel a year, the emissions from which can be compared to adding 220,000 extra cars to the road each day. Not to mention, live events notoriously produce excess waste, with many attendees relying on single-use plastic (and in some cases even single-use tents, leaving post-event campsites looking like dystopian disasters).

tappit is versatile enough for all events

Event organisers have a lot on their plates. Whether you’re putting together a music festival or you play an operational role at a stadium or venue, you’re often splitting your time between logistics, sponsorship, F&B management, sales, advertising…the list goes on.

Not to mention, in the world of live events, you have to be prepared for just about any situation. You never know when the weather may turn nasty or a glitch might send your tech into a tailspin, so event organisers have to be champions at thinking on their feet.

No matter how adept you may be at coming…

If you’re about to take your food and drink event cashless there are a few things you can do to make the transition seamless and successful…

Drive pre-event top ups

One of the things we see at F&B events is that attendees underestimate the amount they end up spending. Make sure you let them know this long before the event. There’s nothing worse than queuing to top-up.

Pre-event communication

Make sure your audience is aware that you’re cashless. Although it’s an easy-to-use system, make sure everyone knows how to use the cashless system in advance. …

By Jenni Young, tappit Chief Marketing Officer

When the Daily Mail starts talking about Download Festival, you know something big has happened. Believe me, I can say that, as I was part of the team who worked on the festival in the early years. Now that I’m older and wrinklier (although my love for rock & metal hasn’t totally subsided), it slightly bothers me that now that I’m working with tappit, Download still raises its head…

When our team goes to chat to event organisers, often the topic of Download and that annus horriblis (to quote the Queen) comes up…

IMS Ibiza

We are delighted to announce that tappit will be the official technology partner for International Music Summit Ibiza. The event, which runs from 22nd — 25th May at Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, hosts some of the biggest names in the club and dance music industry.

IMS Ibiza is a comprehensive three-day event featuring live seminars and debates amongst the leaders of the international music community. Through keynotes, interviews, panels and technology master classes, our industry network comes together for thoughtful discussion about the direction and future of electronic music.

As part of this partnership, tappit will be featured on…

In the world of events, transformative technologies like AI and AR/VR are reinventing the game with a focus on unique experiences and a customer-centric approach. Nearly 20% of meeting planners expect increased pressure to stay ahead of the curve by integrating the latest technology in the next five years, according to a report by IACC. Here is a look at the key tech trends in the events sector:

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Immersive technologies such as AR/VR are becoming the backbone of a growing trend in the industry known as “experiential storytelling” — a way for brands or organisations to engage more closely with…

Photo credit: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Three months into 2019 and there’s already been a flurry of activity around cashless in the stadium sector. The cashless trend is gaining momentum around the world, and it’s here to stay.

With statistics proving time and time again that going cashless is a no-brainer, there are three very big things to consider when thinking about going cashless:

  1. Infrastructure: Taking a stadium cashless is surprisingly painless. There’s no big tech implementation and the cashless system can complete transactions without WiFi or 4G connectivity. That being said, it’s important to take your customer flow into consideration…

Ahhh, tokens.

Physical tokens are probably the first widely-accepted version of a “cashless” system implemented at live events. Surprisingly, many events still run on this analogue system today, forcing attendees to queue at a cash point to purchase chips to shove into pockets or (if you’re a fashionista Millennial) nineties throwback bum bags. Then, you just have to hope they don’t spill out onto the ground or get swiped while you’re dancing down the front.

Certainly, there are some benefits to the token system — probably the biggest being that it eliminates the need for WiFi or 4G to run…

tappit joined some of the top event suppliers and organisers from the UK at this year’s Event Production Show in London. Beyond sharing the cashless experience with attendees and networking with our peers, we noticed three major themes that seemed to tie together all of the exhibitor stands, panels and presentations.

1. Everybody’s looking for cutting-edge tech to make their event stand out.

From holograms and giant LED screens to “augmented reality” headphones and a robotic dart-throwing arm (seriously), event organisers have tons of options when it comes to innovative tech to make their event pop. …

tappit’s calculator shows you the potential savings, increased revenue and additional profit that can generally be achieved by taking your event cashless. But that’s just the start. In this post, we’ll show you the true value of the cashless experience.

If you work in events and have ever thought about taking your event cashless, we’ve got a brand new tool just for you. tappit’s cashless calculator will help you analyse the benefits and savings your event or venue could experience if you decided to go cashless.

Whether you’re planning a one-off event, an annual event or recurring events (such as…


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