Coolest apps of the month — August

Here’s the countdown of the coolest apps we came across in August:


The Pikazo mobile app encourages us to create endless personal art with just two taps. It was created in 2015 using neural style transfer algorithms. Now what this translates into plain english is that it’ll transform even the simplest of your phone’s pictures into out-of-the-ordinary little pieces of art.

What we like

Custom picture styles. There is the possibility of creating your own custom picture style to work with.

Variety. There are a lot of picture styles to choose from and hello — you may very well use a picture of your own.

Particular logo. We couldn’t help but notice the intriguing logo the creators have set for the app. It’s really interesting and we think it’s a really nice part of the Pikazo package.

What we’re not crazy about

Old school UI. We have to admit, we were hoping for a more clean and modern UI. The textures and shadows give it a vintage look. And the buttons inside the app are a tad small.

The wait. The app prides itself with high quality results. Thus, the results won’t be available in the blink of an eye, rather a couple of minutes.

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You’ll find the Flipboard app in the AppStore or Google Play, free of charge, presenting itself as your personal magazine. Which sounds really nice. Anyone who has ever bought a magazine could probably vouch for the fact that various times we encounter news pieces and most of all ads, that are of no interest to us. But we buy the magazine anyway.

So how about a magazine you could organize yourself, built up only by the subjects you are interested in, that you could easily carry around anywhere with you, since it’s on your phone?

What we like

Intuitive UI. We like how nice the Flipboard app is built, so that the main focus is the user’s thirst for accurate and interesting information.

Neat articles. Every magazine has their own precise style, but every article is a pleasure to read through.

Fine-tune your Flipboard. Let Flipboard know how you feel about the articles: if you want the app to show you more similar articles, or less of them.

What we’re not crazy about

We love this app. Period.

Originally published by, on August 12 2016.


Saying that we’ve been hooked on the Hooked mobile app ever since we’ve installed it is partially true. We love love love the idea, and the app itself is really straightforward. We hate the fact that you only get one story a day in the free version of the iOS app versus three stories a day for the Android app (woo-hoo Android). Boo.

What we like

The chat stories. This is the first app of this kind we’ve come across. Thumbs up for the idea.

Writing our own chat stories. This is the app’s neatest feature, we think — of course, besides it being one of a kind overall.

What we’re not crazy about

Shaky UI. Navigating around in the app is not as obvious as we would’ve liked it to be.

Bugs. The app could definitely use some bug fixes.

Limited number of stories in the free version. We really were hooked on the app after the first story. And really disappointed to find out that we had to wait an entire day to read another one.

Originally published by, on August 18 2016.


The Aurora iOS app is a curation of podcasts. You’ll definitely find something you like and you won’t have a hard time listening to it. While you’re cooking, while you’re running, while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing — this app is a great way to unwind. Use it as background noise, a means of learning something new or just to relax. It does the job well.

What we like

Easy to use. The Aurora mobile app is built around the podcasts it features — nothing less, nothing more.

Content available offline. Just make sure you set the episode you want as available offline. It’ll download to your phone and it’ll be available in your Feed.

What we’re not crazy about

UI bug fixes. The app sure needs some.

Queue list. Having this queue list in the Feed tab is kind of confusing.

No favorites. Somehow it would’ve made sense to have a Favorites list as well.

Originally published by, on August 25 2016.

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