Coolest apps of the month — July

Here are the apps that caught our eye in July:

Giphy Cam

You guessed it — it’s all about GIFs with this one. But what this mobile app brings new to the table is the fact that it helps you create your own GIFs. How cool is that?! Download it now on your iPhone for free and let the fun begin.

What we like

UX is nice and clean. We love how easy the Giphy Cam mobile app is to use.

Adding text to GIFs. Make your GIFs stand out even more by adding text.

A mobile app big on the community. You know you’ve created something relevant for your customer base, when people invest more of their time not only in using your product, but also actively (and creatively) participating in community talks.

What we’re not crazy about

There’s a limit to your love for effects. Unfortunately, you can’t really turn your GIFs into a special effects jungle, as much as some of us would like to.

Originally published by, on July 7 2016.


This mobile video app is totally worth your time. It’s basically a personalized collection of 10 videos, curated for you by a team of award-winning filmmakers. The best part, besides the videos being top quality and super interesting, is that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Your daily top ten video playlist is preloaded over night, while you’re sleeping — so you can make the best out of the Hyper app while you’re awake.

What we like

High quality video content. The quality of the videos is impressive, watching them is pure joy.

Seamless UX. The Hyper mobile app has a very smooth user experience flow. After you’ve selected your preferred video content, you’re good to go.

Offline mode. One of the best things about this app is the fact that it enables you to enjoy the great video content while offline.

What we’re not crazy about

There is really nothing we don’t like about this app. We think AntiHero Inc. did a wonderful job with this mobile video app. There’s just one small favor we just have to ask: may we please have the app for Android users as well?

Originally published by, on July 14 2016.


You’ve guessed it: the Tinycards mobile app uses the beloved flashcards learning method, adding spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques, in order to help its users remember new material on various subjects.

What we like

Making our own card deck. We were positively impressed by the feature of making your very own flashcard lessons. Creating a lesson yourself is a neat experience.

Variety. There’s a lot to choose from, ranging from language courses, to science, history, geography lessons, to lessons on Pokemon names.

Sleek UI. Nice coloring and animation-like drawings, this iOS app is a joy to look at.

What we’re not crazy about

Little content available. We’re encouraged by the creators to choose from thousands of topics. Unfortunately, we only found 12 lessons in Stream.

Originally published by, on July 21 2016.


There’s something about DIY projects. They make it seem like the world is filled with endless possibilities. And it really is, especially when you know where and what to look for exactly. It’s probably why we were so excited about stumbling upon the Darby iOS mobile app. It’s a “video community for makers” — now doesn’t that sound uplifting?

What we like

Lovely videos. The videos featured in the Darby app are a joy to look at, whichever way you would do so.

Live chat. How cool is it that you can get any info you might need regarding a project straight from its maker?

What we’re not crazy about

Shaky UI. Though the Darby app looks great at first, we’ve encountered some cracks in the seemingly beautiful UI of this mobile app.

No way of uploading your own videos. We would have expected the feature of uploading own videos to be present somewhere in the Profile tab — but it’s not.

Originally published by, on July 28 2016.

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