Coolest apps of the month — June

Here are the apps we’ve enjoyed taping around in, in June:


Momondo is designed to be your dear travel buddy, inasmuch that it’ll take care of your basic travelling needs: your flight and your accommodation. It’s available for both iOS and Android and it’s free. It’s a fast and easy way to search and compare flights and hotels. And it does not stop here: you can also book from within the app.

What we like

UI on point. Pretty and colorful app design.

It’s tailored to your needs. Setting up your profile means giving the app the info it needs, resulting in accurate recommendations.

Easy booking. Find a flight or hotel you want? You can start the booking process straight from the app.

What we’re not crazy about

Fare alerts. While this is a neat feature, it can only be set up from the website. But it can be managed from within the app.

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Ever find yourself in need of giving a structure to your thoughts? This is more of a rhetoric question. If you’ve ever had to plan a trip, write a speech, take notes in class, write a grocery list, capture an idea, the answer is definitely “yes”. How about something to make the entire planning process more colorful, more easy to work with? Mindly is the answer to our neat-freak prayers — the free mobile app is suitable for both iOS and Android and will get you organized in no time.

What we like

Simple & colorful UI. The app has a modern and smooth design, grey-ish mostly — you’re the one adding bits of colors by creating maps.

Notes. If just adding a title to the element won’t do it for you, you can always attach a note to the element.

Adding pictures. It can be a picture you take on the spot, or it can be a picture you already have saved in your gallery.

What we’re not crazy about

The 3 elements maximum. There’s a maximum of three maps you can have in the free version of the app.

No order of the elements. There is no way you can arrange the elements in a precise order.

Erasing elements. If you wish to erase just one element from your entire map, forget about it.

Originally published by, on 9 June 2016.

Khan Academy

Math, science, economics and finance, arts and humanities, computing and it doesn’t stop there. This is Khan Academy, the totally free learning mobile app you need to get on your smartphone ASAP.

What we like

Video lessons. We love the fact that the lessons are videos — they’re a lot easier to follow.

Transcripts for the videos. A lot of the videos also have transcripts attached, marked with time slots.

Straightforward UX. You won’t be distracted by anything during your lessons — not even advertising.

What we’re not crazy about

No autoplay. We would have expected the videos in a lesson to automatically keep playing, without us having to manually select the next video to play.

No idea how to get a badge within the app.

Originally published by, on 23 June 2016.

Launched two years ago, the mobile app’s 60 million user base is on the rise. Having conquered teens all over the US, it should come as no surprise that it got a $100 million funding, therefor recording a $500 million post-money valuation. Its creators state that it’s a “video social network”, allowing its users — aka. “musers” — to share their artistic side with the world. The app is available for both iOS and Android and it’s totally free.

What we like

Challenges and contests. The user has the possibility to read up on the trending contests and join in with their own video.

Interactive UX. You can leave comments on the videos, you can choose to ask the user a question or even ask him or her to start a duet.

Big on the community. We also find the “my city” feed, in the main menu, to be an ingenious way to connect the muser to its geographical community.

What we’re not crazy about

Bug fixes. The app could definitely use some.

Originally published by, on 30 June 2016.

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