Taps’ Notes: Book reviews and highlights

Rishi Taparia
Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

A personal goal of mine is to further develop my reading abilities. I read mostly on Kindle despite my love for physical books. The pressure of picking a single book to take with me to a coffee shop or on a vacation is overwhelming and taking more than one is bad for my back! A benefit of the Kindle is my ability to easily access and share highlights. Inspired by my friend Arteen and his stream of consciousness reviews as well as Bill Gates’ terrific Gates Notes, I’ve created this forum to share my ‘reviews’ in case these could be helpful for others. These will largely include my thoughts on the book, other potential content that I found relevant to the reading (podcasts, YouTube, articles and the like), and my Kindle highlights. My goal is to create a forcing function to drive my personal engagement with the author and the content, and serve as a launching point for other readers to discover books, authors and topics to engage with.

I’ll keep this page update with links to various reviews as I go through books. Feedback on reviews and reading recommendations are always appreciated!

Rishi Taparia

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Dad and husband | VP @Poynt | Angel @garudavc | Alum @MatrixPartners, @ScaleVP, @MerrillLynch, @NorthwesternU | SF via Calgary, Jakarta, Chicago and New York

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