It is not a fairy-tale like.

We tried our best to pursuit life’s happiness. Out from pain and longing…

Behind us, is the past that we can not change.So we should try better for tomorrow…

We are shape and molded by our struggles and mistakes. We shouldn’t let this problems hinder us from achieving what we can be one day.

We’ve learned life in its hard way.Knocked down to our knees, Crying for what is left and sometimes end up having none.Yet each bruise and scars taught us greater significance about life. We shouldn’t take things for granted that is why we work hard for it.

Loving you wasn’t easy, It was both fun and a painful experience. Your story and my story wasn’t that all beautiful or fairy-tale like.It was a tragic,sad,funny,dramatic,action,thrilling,inspirational kind of story…

But love is not fairy- tale like… we don’t live in happy endings we work hard for it… we understand that each day is a new beginning of our story.

But each time I try to end the story you pull me back to create another chapter.

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