How To Find Happiness in the Workplace

hap·py — feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
The road to happiness is straight ahead.

As human beings we are all searching for happiness at work. Recently, I’ve had conversations with friends and family members about work and the types of projects I am doing, opportunities I am pursuing and goals that I am setting for myself and actively work towards. At the end of each of those conversations the person usually will look at me and say, “You seem really happy!” And you know what? I am. It’s not to say I was unhappy before but it’s just to say that in this moment in my life, I am doing what I want to be doing and steering my life in the direction that gets me excited everyday.

You see for me prior to joining Slalom, I worked for an agency with individuals that were not just coworkers but my friends — hell they were family. When I made the decision to leave that environment I was extremely sad, anxious and nervous. I wasn’t certain if I would ever have a work environment like that again in my career. Luckily, in my time at Slalom I have realized that is completely possible and some.

When people ask me why I left Atomicdust, I always share with them that there were three things I needed in an employer — a strong culture, the ability to be surrounded by and produce great work and growth. The first two I received hands down in my time at Atomicdust but it was the third that was missing in my life.

Call it turning 30.

Call it being at the same place for over 5 years.

I just knew that I wanted to grow more as person. Growth is two-fold, there is financial growth and growth as a leader. For me, I know that my passion lies in building teams, creating unity and steering that ship towards success. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a leader and I knew I wanted to build something and lead a team.

“This is an adventure.” — Steve Zissou

Once I connected those three things, I just naturally felt myself becoming happier in the work that I am doing. When I talk about what Slalom is building in St. Louis, I sometimes have to contain my excitement because I am so proud and honored to be part of the greatness we are creating in this city that I call home. As a person who loves the STL and wants to see businesses succeed and stay here, to know that I am able to have an impact on uncovering opportunities and delivering results makes me proud to be a Slalomite.

I found happiness by realizing what I wanted out of my career and actively pursuing it. It did not happen overnight. And I am excited to see how far I will be able to push the envelope in just the next year as Slalom continues to conquer the St. Louis market.

“You seem really happy!”

One thing that I do keep in mind each day — this is an adventure. A line borrowed from the movie, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Go out, find your adventure and ride the ups and downs of that adventure until the end of time, because this is the only life we are afforded. You have to remember to make the work you are doing be meaningful and most of all make you happy.