Perfection Is Dead

First of all, can we please get over this idea of perfection?

If something is perfect, quite frankly, it’s dead.

Something that does not need to be evolved or expanded or improved or developed or innovated is perfect.

But it stops living.

Because living things are growing things.

And that is what you are.

You are constantly changing, constantly improving, constantly growing.

And that is what make our world grow and change.

It is the tiny alterations you make in every minute you spend your time.

It is choosing to think a different thought.

Or walk a different path to work.

Or eat more vegetables.

Or give more compliments to people.

Or be kinder.

If you were perfect, how would the world around you get better?

Aim not for perfection, but for excellence — for MASTERY.

See your life as it could be, and go there.

Be perfect in your imperfection and be grateful that you have the opportunity each and every day to improve … to have life get EVEN BETTER, no matter how good it is!

When you take away all the things that are getting in your way, when you remove the blocks and obstacles (even if they are just your thoughts and belief systems) you give yourself the opportunity to create something greater for yourself and in doing that, something greater for those around you.

What wisdom in these words from Antoine de Saint-Exupery!

Don’t ADD, but take away.

Take away the things that drain your energy and enthusiasm.

Take away the people who hold you back.

Take away the activities that keep you from doing what you really want to do.

Take away the thought that what you desire is not possible.

And hold the space for what life looks like when you stop trying to make it perfect, and start working on making it excellent.

Because that journey will never end.

Imagine that!

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