Saira Rao

Thanks, Saira. This article will go a long way to making your skinny latte drinking white “friends” realize you are not overreacting. Even better, they might reflect on how their reaction was rooted in their own privilege (a privilege I share as a white woman) and realize that they should have simply just listened to you and supported you. Better still, they might realize their view of feminism is a small representation of the larger issues faced by women, educate themselves about it and do something to change it.

You are courageous, not only in writing and sharing this publicly, but in looking at yourself as honestly as possible. It’s hard work to self-reflect without being blithely unaware of your flaws or overly critical. We are practically trained to loathe ourselves. Modesty/humility is praised; expressions of confidence are bashed. Any step towards acceptance of self is hard won and significant, no matter how small it may seem.

I hope you stopped wearing Laura Ashley, though. That is not acceptable and beneath anyone with a decent moonwalk.

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