Major Points to learn Salesforce

I am working as a Salesforce Developer on platform and perform development, testing, implementation, documentation, deployment and updating applications related to Salesforce.

I have 1.3 years of experience in Salesforce development as a salesforce developer. I worked on almost every aspect of platform which includes Apex classes,Trigger,Visual Force pages,Test classes,Approval process, Email Services, Batch classes, Integrating salesforce with other third party.

You must love the way learning of salesforce in such a wonderful way for your career.

Salesforce Trailhead is a very good resource to learn the salesforce in a fun way : .

Salesforce has launched its own interactive learning tool i.e. Trailhead which will be good place to start learning and it is absolutely free as of now. It has three different levels modules beginner,Intermediate and advanced.

Here’s what I recommend to learn the Salesforce:

  1. If you are know about Java programming then it will be much easier for you to learn Salesforce coding side,Otherwise Start learning Java Basics. There are a ton of great books on Java. The good news is there is 95% overlap between the two languages.My favorite book was Head First Java.
  2. Learn the non-code side of Salesforce first. You absolutely cannot be a good Apex programmer unless you know core Salesforce extremely well.
  3. Next work through the Visualforce Developers Guide — every developer creating Visualforce’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve without Apex controller or a single SOQL query.
  4. You need to start with Fundamental Once you’re ready to learn Apex, start off with a simple Hello World trigger. Then move on to SOQL. Then, combine SOQL and Apex. From there, you want to learn about Governor Limits, batch Apex, Visualforce, etc.

You must unit test to deploy out of a development sandbox to a production server, too. And you must have decent test coverage.At least 75%.

Yes, programming is limited.There is a 100+ page document that explains this. SFDC calls these governor limits. You must abide by them or your code will crash.

In my initial career,I have spent most of my time in salesforce documentation because documentation is awesome.It gives us deep detail about every module of salesforce.

Salesforce was the first organization to provided the SaaS (Software as a Service) but in more advanced way.
Working as a Developer on Salesforce platform will give you more chances on Development side as there are multiple projects which are still being enhanced or organization want to build their project on the same.

report from Gartner — indicated that Salesforce is the most popular solution by a substantial margin, and new announcements from the developer suggest the cloud-based CRM will continue to dominate the market.
Its going to be absolutely brilliant. You can be proud of it, keep updating yourself with salesforce. Sharpen your skills more and more to grow more.

Apart from the as a personal experience, you might wanna spend some time on these channels to learn & ask question and answers regarding salesforce:

  1. Developer Boards which includes Salesforce @ Stackexchange and Developer Boards.
  2. Admin Boards which includes Success Community.
  3. Social Forums like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

I love Salesforce. The beauty of Salesforce lies in its user community. There is a lot of help out there by developers,admins and through MVP’s.It’s salesforce own developer community.

Please also review the Salesforce Developer career eBook