The Upcoming Anniversary Of The Under 30 Changemakers Community

Under 30 Changemakers turns 4 years old on July 28th!

That means Changemakers are celebrating 4 years of activism and social change, 4 years of asking and giving support, 4 years of laughter and tears and too many hangouts to count.

Year 1 this was just a group of friends coming from widespread tech and education spaces. The year before I turned 18 I felt alone and in need of a community, any community. It was not until I read Tribes by Seth Godin that I started thinking about who I would want to bring together online and offline.

Speaking about Under 30 Changemakers

While recruiting, I always sought out the outliers on opposite ends of a spectrum– from college skippers to Ivy League academics, social justice activists to scientific researchers, social impact directors to tech developers. When I look at an application that moves me into accepting a member, one strong link I have found is that many of you had very little reason to end up where you are today. There was a quiet fire within you that kept speaking up, pushing the boundaries of what everyone else decided was normal, instead insisting and working toward making our systems better.

If you are here, you have shown your bravery. You took a leap you were not sure would work out. Many of you have chosen some of the most difficult career paths of your generation, often walking down an unlit path to pave the way for others to follow. You made a decision at some point to create what could not be found, either for yourself or the people you love. You refused to let fear and doubt win or give into the doubters and haters. You kept your unreasonable ideas, your inner quiet rebellion, to show the world we do not have to accept things simply as they are. We can see and build a new way forward.

Too many people will turn a blind eye to the issues in our world, normalizing abuse of power and obstruction of justice. We must be the ones willing to go the extra mile, reach out for support, and catalyze our movements with those above and below us in skill and experience.

The personal adage I keep for making a positive impact is simple: leave this world better than you found it. These are my greatest hopes for Under 30 Changemakers:

Let us continue to believe in ourselves and each other, offering support and feedback where it is asked and needed.

Share our thoughts and feelings as much as we feel comfortable, especially when we are struggling and need help.

Offer our gifts into the community, whether those are skills or volunteer time or check-in calls for people who want friendship.

Give our knowledge and resources to the community as we grow and learn from mentors and successes/failures.

How do you want us to celebrate our 4-year anniversary as a community? Let us know in the comments below.