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[27 Healthy Snack Ideas]

Often when we start a new weight loss regime we focus a lot on our main meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are our biggest meals so it’s only natural that we start there when we look to make a change. It can be emotionally draining to think in advance and plan healthy meals, and it can be time consuming to shop for new ingredients and cook new meals. When you’re already putting so much effort into eating great food for the big 3, it can be easy to forget planning for snacks… and failing to plan is planning to fail. So here’s a list of 27 healthy snack ideas. Try to keep a few prepped in the fridge or cupboard, so when your stomach screams for snacks, you know exactly where to go.

Low Carb

​1. Greek Yoghurt with berries

2. Carrot, Celery & Capsicum with Hummus

3. Veggies with guacamole

4. Celery and 100% peanut butter

5. Kale Chips

High Protein

​6. Hard boiled egg

7. Mini quiche

8. Protein balls

9. Protein shake

10. Edemame

Craving Savoury

​11. Rice crackers — plain or brown rice

12. Air Popped Popcorn

13. Handful of almonds

14. Small crackers with goats cheese

15. Handful of pistachios

Sweet Tooth

​16. Small piece of dark chocolate

17. Fruit salad

18. Fruit smoothie — e.g. banana, low fat milk, honey

19. Low sugar fruit muffin e.g. banana, blueberry

20. Dates (dried)

Something Bigger

​21. Banana

22. Tuna on crackers e.g. vita wheat

23. Small roasted sweet potato

24. Wholegrain toast with nut butter (100% nuts)

25. Wholegrain toast with avocado

26. Crackers with cottage cheese and tomato

27. Grilled chicken breast​

Originally published at on 7-Jul-2017.

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