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Are your bank accounts emptier than the fridge after you’ve spent 2 weeks in isolation?

Life’s a bit shit right now! I don’t need to explain because whether you’re just down the road from me or on the other side of the world, we’re all suffering in the same way.

In my relatively short lifetime, I’ve seen bird flu, swine flu and meningococcal put the community on edge and transform lives.

I’ve seen businesses fail; hell, I’ve ridden that roller coaster myself and it’s far from a fun ride.

I’ve found myself out of work, battered and bruised, and relying…

Plus how to survive without toilet paper.

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Since the spread of COVID-19 became a worldwide concern, collective anxiety has lead to a raft of utterly ridiculous decision making…

Sure, there are reasons to be concerned. Like worrying you or people you love might become gravely ill; or stressing about how you’re going to keep a roof over your head and food on your table for the foreseeable future. And they’re all valid concerns.

But stupid stuff is happening too.

Exhibit A: Toilet Paper!

I don’t know how the loo roll aisles are looking where you’re from, but here in Australia, panic buying has created disastrous results. I’m talking:

  • shoppers lined up…

Or your recipient’s, for that matter

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Cold email is a lot like fishing. You’re throwing your hook into the ocean and hoping a big fish with an empty belly swims by your bait and can’t resist. Which is to say, there’s a little luck involved in cold email.

Despite hoping a little luck comes your way, cold email is still a lead generation strategy worth trying for the following reasons:

First, you’re controlling who sees your content because you’re dropping it in their inbox (unlike social media posts, which are left up to algorithms that may or may not work in your favour).

Second, you’re able…

An in-depth analysis of my failed online business

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I’ve never felt so embarrassed.

In the two years I ran my first online business, I as good as stuffed a rag in the fuel tank of a half-decent car and set it alight. By which I mean I wasted money. A lot of it.

If I hadn’t turned this cash to ash, I could have installed a brand-new air conditioner in my house, so I didn’t have to suffer through 47 degree days. Or I could have not needed a loan for my recently purchased Jeep Wrangler. Almost twenty-two thousand dollar bills can take you a long way. Unless…

Get the functionality of major players for just $9 per month

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After being a hardcore ConvertKit supporter for a good two years, I decided to look around at some other options. Why? Because I was fed up with paying $39US per month for an email marketing system. It converts to almost $50 Australian, and because my business hasn’t been my number one priority since I began my master’s degree, I didn’t want to keep spending that much to manage my list of only a few hundred subscribers.

I tried looking around at alternatives about six to nine months ago, but I couldn’t find a system that was subscriber centric, easy to…

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I make this mistake all the time.

I look at the clock after watching my fifth YouTube video of the morning. I’ve been sitting here for two hours and all I’ve managed work-wise is to open my calendar and bullet journal. I read my carefully crafted to-do list three times, yet I was still swayed by the allure of cats trying to jump over cling-wrap barriers.

I gotta be honest, my routine of late has been about as organised as a hoarders garage (packed full and no resemblance of organisation). I sit down to work and some days I don’t…

If I wasn’t a freelancer, I wouldn’t have been able to go to work.

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I was reaching down to pick up the dog when it happened.

Instead of cuddling my fluffy Cavoodle, I grabbed my lower back as I cried out in pain.

What happened next was the stuff of my nightmares.

For over a week, I couldn’t stand as it felt like a masked intruder had plunged a knife into my lower back and was twisting it every time I considered moving. I couldn’t sit as it felt like I’d sat on a bed of nails that were driving further and further into my skin with every breath. …

Here’s why and how to pick what to keep, rewrite, and update

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In 2015, I started a personal training business and took it online a year later. In mid-2018, I closed up shop and stopped exercise and nutrition coaching. Despite taking my business in a different direction over a year ago, I left my health and fitness blog posts published on my site.

Yesterday, I deleted all 71 of them.

While tapping the delete button made me feel excited about committing to my writing 100%, I couldn’t help but feel my anxiety rising as if I was standing on an ants nest. What if it wasn’t the right choice? What if I…

Over 10-years since the first Twilight movie was released, there’s still a lot this teen chick-flick can teach you about running an online business.

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Love me or hate me, I think the Twilight books are awful. Lines like “I waited for what seemed like a very long time” make me roll my eyes and wonder if the novels were edited at all. Regardless, I can’t stop reading them. However bad the writing, the storyline captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide, including mine.

Poor writing aside, Stephanie Meyer pulled a rabbit out of her hat by not only selling millions of copies of her books but also snagging a 5-part movie deal. …

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You watch the cursor as it taunts you. You hear the seconds ticking away on your Grandfather clock in the hallway. Dropping your glasses on the desk, you rub your eyes, scratch your head and tilt your head from side to side. Stabbing pains run up the side of your neck and you feel the beginning of a headache hammering away behind your right ear.

‘I should book a massage for that’, you think as the mouse has already clicked open a new window. A few minutes later you’ve scheduled an appointment for later in the week. …

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