Oh Kerala, my Kerala

The past week Kerala has faced the most devastating flood in its history. About 357 people have lost their lives and more than 200,000 people have been displaced from their homes. The state is still tackling the calamity and rehabilitation is going to be key focus once the rains recede and the government is able to assess the extent of the devastation in the State.

What is an amazing see and one that the State has not witnessed in its history is how the people of the state have put their lives on a standstill and come together for each other. Being led by our stalwart leader Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, a man of few words but of effective action, the state is trying to rebuild itself, person by person. The whole community has opened itself to the people who are victims of this calamity. Taking them into their home, schools and communities, trying to do their best bit to accommodate and facilitate normalcy into the lives of the people who have lost almost everything.

The true heroes of this story are the people of Kerala. The fisherman of Kerala who have been hailed as the “Supermen without capes” have rescued hundreds of people stranded in their homes. The Indian Army, once again has been engaged in intensive operation to airlift and rescue as many people as they can. And the common people of Kerala, the you and the me, have taken it to themselves to volunteer and help. The supermarkets are being sold out at such speed that supplies have almost run out. There is no us and them in Kerala now. There is only “US”. Us, together as malayalis, as brother and sister.

The way forward is going to be difficult but the people of Kerala cannot and will not be deterred. The state is determined to overcome and we will. With every single person willing to provide their hand and support, the state will survive and thrive like never before. As you say — ‘Nammal Malayali da’

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