I rarely work from home, but I usually work from another floor because I find being at my desk distracting
Sexism at Uber from female management #UberStory
Keala Lusk

I had an incredibly similar experience to this with a female manager I worked under. I apparently spent so much time away from my desk that my manager told me in a weekly 1:1 that others in my department were “wondering if [I] was still on the team.”

In all my work experience, she was the only manager I’ve ever dealt with who treated women this way. She would often interrupt me (and other female employees) but would never do the same to the males. She’d also constantly undermine us in favor of men; if I answered a question she posed, she would ask another male coworker and when he said literally the same thing, then she would listen. This happened to me only a few times but happened to other female colleagues to the point where everyone started doing it, too.

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