I think unlimited PTO is a bit of a scam.
Dale Dobson

Thanks for your perspective, as you can tell by what I wrote, I’m not in the same boat when it comes to unlimited PTO.

I think that’s going to happen regardless — different teams/departments are going to have differences between them and, unfortunately, that may mean one manager is more accepting of time off than another one. In that case, I think it comes down to the culture surrounding time off. In my perspective, managers are an extension of a company’s values and if a manager doesn’t value the company’s unlimited PTO policy, that speaks to a wider problem.

All employees are probably going to take different amounts of time off naturally; some more, some less. If a manager has a problem with a particular employee’s time off, then it’s on the manager. Employees should be able to enjoy the perks/benefits of the company that work for without feeling guilty — especially by other employees within the organization.

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