“You know, the other day I was browsing Medium, and I saw a girl down on her luck, despairing about…

This isn’t an instance where someone is “down on their luck”. She made a poor decision to move to an astronomically expensive city, to live alone, and make minimum wage. She clearly knew she couldn’t afford this lifestyle, she funded it with a credit card.. As a 25 year old in a similar situation, struggling to get myself through grad school, I cannot imagine posting my venmo and PayPal account asking for people to pay my rent because I made a bad decision. I would love to just move to San Francisco and live that lifestyle but I realize there is a price you have to pay. Like yourself, I am all about helping others. I am a very sympathetic person. However, when it comes to putting the blame on others, entitlement, and asking for handouts, it’s very hard to have sympathy.

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