On Eating the Nice Bit First (And Maybe Even Leaving the Rest)

Photo by Yogesh Rahamatkar on Unsplash

If you have a child, or you’ve ever been a child or you’ve ever had a child visit your house, you will be familiar with the concept of the half eaten biscuit. The lid will be removed, the sweet, gooey part in the middle will be consumed — small teeth marks might be evident — and the base will be left behind, perhaps on the arm of a sofa, or balanced precariously on the handlebar of a bike. This part will be slightly and delightfully soggy.

As we grow up and become more civilized, we children learn to eat the entirety of the biscuit, including the bits we don’t particularly like or want. Some of us might even form the habit of saving the best bit till last.

Well, I’m in my forties now and I’m fed up waiting for the good bit. I want the good bit now.

Oh, of course, my existence has not been devoid of pleasure — thank goodness. But lately I’ve come to the realization that, thus far, I’ve lived my life against the back drop of the mantra — no pain, no gain. And the further realization that I might have been barking up the wrong biscuit all along.

Who says we always have to be good boys and girls and take the nasty medicine first? Surely that’s just setting yourself up for a nasty day. Is it ‘society’ that dictates this? Who the heck is society anyway? Oh no, not The Catholic Mothers Against Pleasure again …

As kids we had our priorities right but by the time we get to adulthood, many of us have had our impulses squelched, our inner voices silenced and our instincts questioned so many times that we just stop listening to the ‘nonsense’.

Excuse my language, but is this all not a bit silly? How about instead of no pain, no gain, a new mantra. Something like: lots of joy, even more joy. Instead of keeping your nose to the grindstone, raising your face to the rays of the sun. Goodbye hustle, hello inspired action. There must be more to life than constant striving and working ourselves to the bone. Here’s to stopping and smelling the roses and licking the cream off the biscuit.

Hoping for a wonderful day for you all. Instead of eating my biggest frog for breakfast, I’m off to have a large Danish pastry.