Don’t get me wrong, the underlying message is a good one and you really can’t say that this phrase is not true. However, the intended message behind the mantra, doesn’t seem to be getting heard.

The Message Being Received

Designers are a primary target audience for this message, because they need to be aware that everyone is part of the design team, not just the individuals with the word “Designer” in their title. This is where things start to get fuzzy.

As a designer myself, I’ve attended a dozen events where the “Everyone is a Designer” mantra is the focus. Luckily, I let things…

Last week, we conducted a usability study on two designs for a new section of our application (unfortunately, I cannot give you much more detail than that). Overall, our team was happy with the results of the study and aren’t planning to make any drastic changes to the design prior to implementation. Nonetheless, this study was one of our most complex and provided plenty of lessons learned.

Below are our main takeaways:

Pad your study sessions

Our Support Reps assumed it would take participants about 1.5 hours to complete all the tasks, considering they would not be trained on how…

A competitor perspective.

On Thursday, June 22, my colleague, John and I competed in the local Adobe Creative Jam at Moniker Warehouse in downtown, San Diego. This marks the third Creative Jam that Adobe has brought to San Diego. The first included two challenges, one for illustrators and one for animators; the second included a challenge for photographers; and this third one included a challenge for UX professionals using Adobe’s newest tool: Adobe XD (Adobe Experience Design).

How it Works

A “Creative Jam” is the creative professional’s equivalent of a hack-a-thon. However, rather than writing code, contestants flex their creative muscles to create…

Adobe MAX 2016 — Day 3

On my final day of the Adobe MAX conference, I spent the morning scrambling to find a relevant UX-related session since they had overbooked the sharpie art workshop I was registered for (major bummer!). I eventually found a session focused on the things you should know before becoming a Creative Director, presented by David Lesue. The content ended up being extremely relevant at this particular point in my career since it was essentially about leadership skills for creative professionals and how to manage a creative team. …

Adobe MAX 2016 — Day 2

The biggest highlight, speaker-wise, during my second day at Adobe MAX came during one of the session talks I attended. At “Behind the Scenes of Designing Adobe XD,” Talin Wadsworth, Lead Product Designer on Adobe XD, described the principles, processes, and research that lead to an extremely powerful design tool that was tailor made for UX Designers.

It’s incredibly interesting to hear the story of designers who are designing for designers because we all use these same programs and deal with similar frustrations every day. You’d think that creating a better design program for…

Adobe MAX 2016 — Day 1

To kick off the Adobe MAX conference, a select group of extremely talented “Adobe Evangelists” took the stage to demonstrate Adobe’s biggest innovations across several design products in the creative suite. They demonstrated a number of wildly innovative enhancements to their new experience design tool (Adobe XD), a 3D rendering app (Project Felix), video editing software (Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier), among several others.

As I listened to the various keynote speakers explain the new awe-inspiring features of the products they love most, I realized that there seems to be a common theme…

Tara Jensen

Senior UX Designer @ ServiceNow. Opinions are my own.

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