A Quest!

Just when you have a lot moving around you, just when it’s like you are surfing the waves in the middle of pacific and you find yourself composing your first piece of public writing.

Ever wondered? How do you meet people or rather I would say good people?

Is it all destined like they say?

Yes, indeed it may.

You find a number of people around whom you talk to almost every day and the talks are frank discussions or a piece of advice or anything , which goes on probably for years.

And then you have people next to you whom you either seldom talk to or have quite a talk here and there, but their presence is felt. A blink of an eye is enough for you to connect with them and that connection suddenly becomes as strong as a coir rope rather than being feeble as a silk thread.

It’s quite a task to understand how it really works.

You may never be able to fallback on the why’s and where’s of how you met the later type where as you will definitely remember that of the latter type because you weren’t able to find a comforting lap of words , though you shared more.

So, what exactly brings people together . Is this the desire or the destiny?

The above lines may sound scattered but the quest is intrinsic and is still on!