There was a short Conversation between Shirley and the boys!!

"Yes we know that it was someone from you guys but who was it?? "Asked harry

"Yes yes, we will tell you who it was but you must have heard the background music along with it right!! Did you?......" Shirley replied

" Yes we were the ones who played the background music because the voice of the person who sang was really amazing!! So we played to make it better" Louis interrupted you

" Ok! But if what will you do getting to know who sang them??" Shirley questioned back

" You just tell us how it was and then we will tell you what we will do" said harry.

"It's me!.... Now tell........"

Suddenly harry runs upto her and embraces her in a hug before she completes what she were saying. And that was all done in front of her whole family!!.. everyone were stunned look at this!

He suddenly took back and said" I really love your voice can please sing it again!!"

Shirley dint wish to, but that was one direction and that too harry who asked for it so she just looked and your mother and her mother asks her to proceed and she starts singing....

Harry was with his eyes closed and head down...it seems that be was enjoying it....... The song was completed and so Shirley stopped!! With a jerk harry lifts his head and looks deep into Shirley's eyes and walks forward placing a hand on her shoulder.... And asked why she had stopped!! So she replies saying " its over!!"

"What's over??"asks Harry

"The song" she replies

"Oh ok sad!!" He says with a sad face!.

"Harry it's evening and I am hungry please let's go back" niall says to harry.

"Just 5 minutes niall please!" Harry replies

He slowly left your hands and walk over to your parents and speaks" uncle,aunty please can I take your daughter over to our farmhouse for a night, only for one night please don't say no..... And if you feel insecure about it u may send her cousin over with her for protection!!"

Her mom looked at her with a worried look !. And seeing this she did not utter a word. He turned to look at her at she flashes a smile at him.

A few moments later her dad quickly walks to her and grabs her hand and pulls her to a side.He seemed to be a bit angry

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