The Spiti Domination..!!

Everyone has a Fascinating fancy destination fixed in their minds were they want to travel on the two wheels only. I too had one when I got my First bike. Ladakh it is as the only heard fancy destination in the past one year of ridding from all the Veterans. But this time I got a chance to visit the mighty as well as beautiful Spiti Valley as our club The Dukes Of Nagpur planned this years himalayan ride to spiti this season. Tall, Mighty, Barren, Raw etc. that even words might fall short of explaining the Huge Mountains which sit there in the Mighty Himalayas and Spiti. You gotta Respect them in all terms. Some so huge that one can’t even fit them in a single frame of picture. So to conquer them you need a even more mightier set of wheels. My bike the KTM RC had already taken pretty bad beating and the racetrack commited seating posture wouldn’t do justice,so it couldn’t take any more.Been ridden it in almost all types of terrains from past 1 year and almost 20k kms the Himalayas wouldn’t do justice to it. Hence was left with only option of renting one. Bajaj Dominar 400 was selected by me as choice of weapon. With 16 riders in the pack overall, ridding with motorcyle of all types, this was a motorcycle of different segment as the manufacturer claims but with the same moto of touring.

The Road Dominator..!!

The newly Launched power crusier had all things it needed to i.e. a comfortable seating posture to ride for 10days flat, a above competition suspension to take all the beating from the mighty terrains offered, and a powerful engine to climb the dead steep mountain passes. Dominar has everything which I dreamed off in the bike which i wanted to take into the himalayas. Plus the Slipper Clutch, ABS, the plush seat, a 13.5L fuel tank, LED headlamp, and LCD dual display were add ons to love the bike more… How underrated this bike is I must say. Nowadays Rather than legacy and market Automobile manufacterers need to focus on what people need and this is what exactly bajaj did. Like an average student when buys a bike Dreams that his Bike must click some boxes like it must a practical city commuter, can comfortably cruise highways on weekends, must be powerful and be safe at the same time, most importantly be attention graber and be eqquiped with all the fancy bells and whistles electronics. And yes the Dominar ticks all the boxes right. The first Naked Bike in India which turns everyones heads on the roads,IMO. Hence, When I got hands on the bike first time. Karol Bagh in Delhi was the place were my Rental Company was setup. Picked the Bike in wee hours of 7th June and headed straight to chandigarh higway. Loaded with all the Luggage for 10 days and tackling the Delhi Traffic of Karol Bagh was a piece of cake for the Dominar. For me it was more like a Google Maps test. But more pedestrians turning heads towards the bike rather than walking helped me find my path rather than honking at them. Never experienced this feeling on any other bike and this thing was totally unexpected. But I can’t deny the fact that if I was a pedestrian that time, I too would have done the same. Time expected by me to hit the highway was 2hrs. But In less than an hour I was on the GT Highway with Having tackled the Delhi Traffic, all the stop signals, Detours and many wrong turns. Just Dominar things I would have to agree on that note. Once on GT it was Time to test the area which Bajaj promises it excels, Highway Crusing. And yes this is the Area where the Dominar could Impress anyone. Zipping to the 3-digit speeds in a few clicks on gear and zooming to its territory where its competition Fails. No High speed vibrations, no getting out of control, or any problems it takes to reach that speeds. A piece of Cake for Dominar. And when in its territory i.e. 120–140 kmph it zipps through traffic just like an Air-Suspension bus. Bums, Potholes, undulations, Broken tarmacs, expansion joints and what not It Feels like they Don’t Exist. Dominar eats them all. This thing is what an average buyer of every bike dreams of. And again the number of headturns on highway the Dominar gets is unbelievable. Every single car passed got its passengers head turning, even at the lunch stop it got public gathering around it. This 250kms was my only time to get used to the bike. Because after this I will be in Himalayas which was not idle place to do so. Enjoying the Dhabas and food this highway offers and simultaneously knowing the braking points, the shift points, and understanding everything in the bike, tried to do everything possible to get used to. Slowly it was turning dark and now was the time test the tagline of the bike “Dominate The Night”. The DRL’s stay on High beam by default. And yes it Dominates the Highway as well. Every single signboard, pothole and details on highway are so exaggeratingly visible. Sadly, after 50 odd kms of driving in Dark I had to call it a day as i reached the destination. No fatigue or tiredness even after riding 300 odd kms that day after a long flight. Next day in Chandigarh was a rest day, means I got time to and test the City credentials of the bike. And yes Dominar impresses here too, zipping through the gaps and reaching 3-digit speeds whenever it got chance with ease. Dominar ticks all the boxes here. And yes, the safety net of ABS here works like a charm, kicking in whenever needed cuts the braking distance and acts as a saviour in the most of the ticky situations. And slipper clutch means no workout for fingers too. The gearshifts are at point, the brakes do the job well, everything is effortless. What more to expect with a bike this practical. Bajaj must have quiet literally studied the market hard to make a bike like this rather than carrying the legacy of company forward. The amount of RnD done is visible with the first ignition of the bike. And not to mention again the ride quality of the bike in city too, it again just glides over the speed breakers, potholes and everything. The next day was a big day, as my dream of ridding in the himalayas was coming true. Just 20 odd kms on the great himalayan express way after a cold early morning start, I was already into mountains. Taking Curves on some really good speeds with bike all loaded was the feeling of dream come true. Not even at a single point I felt the bike to be going out of control or me loosing confidence on it. It was more like bike testing my mettle rather than me testing it. Some Diversions due to under construction Highway also took me through the Gravels, Potholes, broken tarmacs, Slush etc. at some serious speeds suddenly sometimes. But the plush suspension not soft and ABS works like charm here leaving everything to the bike rather than controlling the accelerator. Again it just glides over everything just like a Air-Suspension Equipped Bus. Slowly moving from Broader road to Narrower road towards chail to aviod shimla traffic, we were soon into thick slush green tropical forests which seemed like they haven’t seen sunlight in lifetime. Never ever in my lifetime had I seen such dense green forests.

The Chail Forests

By this time I could enjoy the scenery by reallying on ABS of the bike in tricky situations. Sarahan was the destination Fixed for the day. After being seprated from the pack I had to zoom past everything to catch them. And yes the Rain Gods worshipped at this movement when i was back on highway from Narkand. With the sweep vehicle i was doing some good speeds until we took a detour to Hatu peak Enroute.And yes the climb was so steep and slushy that even some mighty 4x4’s struggled to climb. With temperatures near freezing, heavy waters pouring, added to it was the fog which reduced visiblity to near zero meters, the dominar was climbing like it is a highway. The road so narrow that the mighty full-flegged suv could be found tip-toeing on it. With just 2kms to the peak i was Forced to take a U-turn due to a Taffic jam. With a two point u-turn i was on my way back. The decline was too steep that in First gear itself the bike was at speeds 40kmph without even accelerating. And yes here too in the Slippery conditions the ABS kicked in every now and then to act as saviour when I used to loose my engine braking.The slipper clutch though would let me Downshift effortlessly to loose some speed. This 5 kms climb up and down was the most fearfull movement I faced yet in whole my life. Every crossing meter was a near death experience for the rider. But the Dominar Dominated it like a boss. Again back on highway with a near death detour experience. The Rain Gods didn’t stop showering on us. But driving on such slow speeds for past 2 hours made me cry for some high speeds. Even in the heavy downpour with roads all wet, and now too wide I could even corner at that speeds what my track focussed bike couldn’t. A quick Maggie break and the rains stopped. Soon we were on dry tarmac.

Now the Scenerio changed to rivers flowing by the side and heavy winds blowing and the sun shining brightly. The winds so heavy that I could feel a strong push every now and then. But the bike despite being Naked was surprisingly stable. As we started the climb to Sarahan we came to know that there was a landslide and we have to take a long Detour. Again climbes as steep as hatu peak but now some with Rocks, some with slush. And for the next 17 odd kms I had to deal with conditions like this. This made me feel too nervous. Looking at the slush and size of Rocks with the constant fear of tipping in the valley on the side was never how I dreamt would himalays welcome me in this way,But I never Imagined that it would be a piece of cake for Dominar. It came completely out of box. The Bulky weight of the bike made it travel through the slush making its own way and grip, and weight of my luggage at rear would help the engine find traction at rear wheel whenever it wheelspinned in the rocks. Finally just before dark we made it to sarahan.

When Moon meets Snow

We called it a day after watching the Moonlit snowcapped mountains which depicted that yes my Bro we are the mighty Himalayas, you are officially welcomed to us. After the near death experience at the Hatu peak and sarahan diversion made me catch my nerve for the upcoming terrains and how much more these gigantic structre of mountains are going to demand from me. The most fearful night ever spent. With bike troubling to start in first crank the next morning made me even more nervous than the night before. Idling the bike for 10mins and meanwhile looking at the now golden snowcapped mountains form hotel top,made me loose nervousness at the movemnet. A movement that even words may fall short to express. Can be depicted as we are himalayas, yes we are mighty and may demand some serious things from you but you are here to chill and forget all your life worries. Here is were bike plays the most important roll when you are actually ridding and not travelling. You need a carefree atmosphere around you and not to worry about anything. With the Malfunction light turned on making me more nervous we again had to take the mighty detour road and this time in dry without the slush. It was more confidence inspiring as we only had to decline. and this time i could carry more speeds for that extra added fun. To end came a pitstop with a view were on could look the mountains becoming more mightyier ahead. One of them showed me its full size from bottom to summit.

I just had a man to man talk with it sitting on a rock like yes i know you are tall, huge, gigantic and I’m here just to spend time with you and my bike. So just let me pass safely and not to take any further test of me and my machine. All prayers listened, I find broader streches of road up ahead with some high banked corners and smooth streches of tarmac where i could take corners at some rather disputable speeds with some bikes with kind of direct competition to Dominar keeping up. With all the 35 horses running through each vein of me all at once, this was a moment made for me in whole my lifetime. Not to mention again but every moment, every mile passed in whole my ride is unforgetable because of two reasons. First being because i was on my ride of lifetime and second being that it going on the same as Immagined and pictured. But hell the Himalayas had to do with your immaginations. We are as we are they say. It’s you who is so judgemental atleast about us they might wisper to us. Again after a fuel stop after some 200kms with one third of tank already left in I was left ridding solo for some 20 odd kms. And this the time when you get to test your photography skills.

Trying To fit the Summit in one frame..!!

As kalpa was the destination for the day and only 100kms to clock that day with 70 odd already done I took my time to be there. How barren these mighty mountains could be, there one spell and we could be found praying for our lives. With the last fuel station pass by at Powari, the next would be at around 230kms at kaza, the tarmac disappeared with a clearing landslide. Hard to believe that I could find one till manali. Would not be a worry if I wasn’t running on rather soft compound MRF Rubber which are notorious for flats on such terrains. Then began the climb to reckong peo and then kalpa from powari. And this meant the route would give me some picturesque views of the Tall snow-clad kinnar-kailash ranges.

The first glimpse of the range made me stop middle of the climb and sit for a while just gazing at there beauty rather than size this time indeed these were the tallest of them ever seen whole in my lifetime. A soft man to man talk this time. “Oh mighty of the mightiest, what made you so beautiful and harsh at the same time that whole universe bows before you, People from all corners of the world come here to worship you every year. Please may I know.” With a heavy heart filled with all respect to them and hunger striking by now I left the spot in no mood. Some google tests and I was in Kalpa only to find out my pack visiting the suicide point, Kalpa. I too left with them only to see the next and the best of all views of the kinnar-kailash from this point. A pin drop silence and views like this with now addition of a valley of which a single glance of it’s depth could make you hold your breath and heart skip a beat. First thing to strike my mind was to sit and meditate here for a while.

With my bike parked at the edge of the cliff, my legs hanged below and gazing towards the sky, Kailash, and the almighty in quick repetitions I whole heartedly thanked my Mom and Dad at this moment. “Thank you mom and dad for letting me fulfill this adventure of my lifetime. Thank you for all the expenses which came at a cost for every my will. Thank you”

After lunch and again a visit to suicide point, we crashed for the night at Hotel The Monk. For our Surprise came a mountain rainbow when everyone was busy finding the Summit of the kailash and the 60ft. tall Shivling which sits top of it in the clouds. Snow-clad summits, a Valley, Clouds, Forest clad mountains, some barren mountains, a town at foot hills and this Rainbow adds to it.

The Views we ride for..!!

What more you demand from life when you get views like this after a busy day of ride to your relief. And again to add to it was witnessing the moon rise after which the snow-clad mountains started glowing in the moonlight. Even words falling short to explain what it actually felt being there. Seeming that it would be a freezing night when even 3 layers of warmers could not let you sit and hear the ghost stories session at the terrace of the resort with temperatures easily near freezing. Hot served dinner with some yummy desert came to another rescue. Here we call it a first big day thanks to all the soothing views we got today. With a early morning start planned and the bike having some coldstart issues, I bid adieu to this wonderful place with a heavy heart. When the upcoming place is as good as kaza you cannot resist to get on the saddle and zoom. With all tanked up for next 230kms at powari with some extra fuel for just in case, we hit the road again. With no signs of tarmac at all and the sign boards saying that “You are travelling on the Worlds Most Treachours Road” which rather than a mere sign board is a Nervousness increasing machine when you have to clock 230kms that day. With cliffhanger roads on one hand,and mighty sutlej on the other and signs like this, the road sticking to what the sign promises, it was going to be a big day today. Crossing the ILP checkpost we enter the spiti distict leaving the kinnar behind. Nako is the First town centre famous for its helipad and lake was fixed as our pitstop of that day. Wondering how my bike manage to reach halfway towards todays destination without a flat tyre, it took all the abuses of lifetime. With a small terk at the nako helipad which gives the view of many summits which now seemed like our next home, this point gives a view of a terrace farm surrounded lake where cattles are grazing in this peaceful atmosphere.

The Nako Lake..!!

Again a view to die for, but I just entered spiti and thinking of what more this Middle land has to offer over a bowl of maggie and omlete at lunch we set of on the road again. Thinking of Kaza, what more it has to offer and taking the loops of nako village in a rainy atomsphere we set towards our destiny. With a knoby tyred bike getting flat midway adding to my nervousness because my was soft compund which were more notorious for this. This is where the concept of peace of mind while on a motorcycle tour comes in. This bike has been made for this thing i.e. touring and hence I’m here for it. But lossing my peace of mind when I’m this far from my decision makes me think twice on it rather than the manufacturer. This is where the competitive counterparts of Dominar excels. Despite of being focusing only on the highway touring it must focus on the off-road terrain too as in a country like ours we very often have to encounter mixed type touring of which the competition has thought wisely at-least on the tyre counterpart. This leads to loosing focus on ride and having multiple thoughts in mind, which could be very fatal for me with cliffhanger on one side. Crossing the sumdo checkpost we reached tabo monastery gate. Kaza another 50kms to go, A quick check of bike and a break was ready to clock another 50kms in a go. Was on the road again tailing the pack this time. Suddenly after 20 odd kms I find myself loosing power on my bike, it refused to cross 60kmph on dead straights. Thought this to be a powerlagg issue which I was facing from day one at around 4k RPM until two fellow bikers pointed out at my rear flat tyre. And yes the thing happened which I was most nervous of “A flat tyre”. Just 30kms before my destination and the only point of contact for whole spiti circuit. it was 7 o’clock already and sun would set anytime around. To rescue came a lone house with an air pump which could barely fill air in a bicycle and the man says confidently that it could fill up air even in the tractor. With filling enough air to atleast reach kaza with the help of other fellow riders who acted like angles at that time. As ridding in this himalayas could be so dreadful because of them. Each point where I was down in my whole trip were these people who motivated me, Boosted my confidence, and made me feel like my family is around me. Not only some, but I got to learn something from everybody. So Finally keeping others at tail, My aim was to reach Kaza before I loose the pressure of my tyre I just throttled in furry of the bike. This 30kms passed in my life would always be in the lows of my life and each mile crossed in this situation would be marked permenantly in my brain forever. What a moment I must say, in flat 30 mins I was at kaza looking for a puncture repair. After that a splendid evening spent at the Himalayan Cafe with some stray dogs in the locality and some Hunger carvings I was back at our Hotel to crash fully. But no the ambience of the place we were staying at catches all your mood. This place is again the best I ever visited in my whole life. No matter how bad my day was 230kms flat without even a piece of tarmac,on an equally justified Worlds most treacherous road, A flat tyre, and what not, this place made me forget the day which I had, possibly the lowest day of my life as I never ever had a bike breakdown in my lifetime. Ridding a track-speced and technologically advanced bike I’m only accustomed to just putting the key in,switching it on and just Ride it. The only Reason which made me choose dominar over its other competitive counter parts thats how reliable I thought it to be. But this made me so Nervous halfway through our Ride that I was Totally Regretting my descision of Renting this bike instead. So nervous that I was scared to take my bike beyond Key monstary to Langza-komic-Demul circuit where my group went and returned with a smiling face on their bikes. Poor me, forgeting that and leaving that places unexplored for the next visit. I went asleep in a disguist thinking about why I need to leave this place. I had already promised myself of visiting this place for a week atleast next time when I was deeply thinking of the beauty of this place when no one was around.

Up above the kaza sky..!! #Langza

How creative the god almighty must be who creates places this beautiful that even accessing them is different test of your skills and when leaving from there is different set of test of your emotions that you have attached overtime with them. The creator of this has made all my imaginations come more than true which makes me belive him for the upcoming dream places. Chandertal Lake was the destination next, The lake which is so far known as the best in the country. But as experienced uptil now, Beautiful locations are difficult to access and this was no good. Being the beautifulest of them means difficultest of them to access. With no signs of tarmac as we leave kaza town towards kunzum pass. The first mountain pass of my life in himalayas where I will ride with two wheels. Tall snow-capped barren mountains on both sides with lush green fields and a road between. Don’t know what to cherrish about, ridding in planes and have fun or the magnificent views. Standing on the bike I tackle the gravels as doing that sitting wouldn’t let me shift the centre of gravity of bike quickly. What a feeling, catching three digit speeds with a spree even while standing and views like this. And here i encounter first water crossing, being picked the wrong line I got stuck. And this 35 horses beneath would dig further inside the rear wheel with a stone shower while trying. Few pushes from fellow riders and I was out. This 182kgs kerb weight would trouble me further in upcoming water-crossings I came to know. At around 10am we covered 60 kms in past couple of hours of ridding. Considering this as a very good pace we stopped for a breakfast stop. And before we could start our story session on the ride and cherish, it started to snow. Wondering the conditions at kunzum top which was barely 20kms but at a height of 15800ft. we left for it without wasting a moment. And yes the approach was the most difficult too, 20kms was a climb only road with many water-crossings now in the way. And as soon as we reached and could enjoy the feeling of crossing the first mountain pass of our life, it started to snow. Seems like god again has some tests left for us. A monastery, A signboard welcomes you to your first mountain pass.

Kunzum Top

17 kms more to go we started to descend from the pass looking at the snow-clad mountain next to us where a snow-storm was possibly setting its feet at. A couple of kms left for our destination, the sun was shinning so bright that most of us started feeling dehydrated. But man this time and not the machine. Finding a Grassland in middle of nowhere made everyone fall asleep on it immediately. I framed my first successful timelapse and again into the lap of nature I sat for a while and immagined about it.

The Grassland..!!

With a couple of the most deadliest water crossings upahead with temperature easily near freezing and winds blowing with all its power to prove us pitty humans that how powerful the holy nature is. A drip of leg in the water crossing would make blood freeze in your legs. It was not easy on this bike to cross watercrossing. It was clearly understood in the first encounter itself. All other bikes including the totally race specced one in the pack went like it was a picece of cake for it. On reaching we again found some plains to play with, and again I was playing with the bike standing and countersteering it at some good speeds. Fun bike at it. Snowcapped mountains all around the camping grounds, and the sighting of shooting stars all around in the easy negative temperature cold night is the moment we all ride for. With temperatures easily near freezing only some could gather courage to trek 4kms for the lake. A bowl of maggie in this wind in chillies afternoon ever we shifted the talks to the tent till dinner. Everyone sleeping in ridding gears with a plan to start towards manali as the first ray of sun hits. Hardly anyone could sleep in this chilly night, again the coldest night ever spent in my lifetime. With bike fully covered in snow, the first thought was not being stuck in this nerve wrecking -10 degrees here. Atleast 10 cranks at the self and the bike settles to an idle with huge layers of white smoke from exhaust. Thank God that atleast the EFI unit was kicking in at this moment which would not in past few days of cold starts. A few minutes of idling and I left this beautiful and mighty place. With again in no mood to cross the two deadliest water crossings which we croosed the day before, but now with temperature in negative. I entered the water with no option as the flow would increase by noon, and here my front wheel locked in two stones. And this soft compund tyre would slip instead of rolling on the wet rocks. With all the pushing and pulling in this hard to breath atmosphere, I couldnot handle the weight when the bike tipped of in the water. Here I have the first fall ever in my motorcyle life. Only have I been strong enoung like hulk to handle the weight of this so called tourer bike which cannot even cross a water crossing. With my boots all filled with a litre of water in them despite of putting plastic insulation to them I cross the next crossing with dipping the legs in this cold water as i was in no mood to afford a next fall. No doubt my bike takes me comfortably over many terrains not confidently tough, but what use if it cannot take me places where even my trackspeced bike would have atleast taken me, for the sacrifice of comfort tough. Batal was the breakfast stop fixed at 20kms. Again we continue on the kunzum top descend. Now with water flowing down, stones as big as it would scrape below, and road as wide as an SUV. To relief comes the famous chandra dhaba where the breakfast was planned. I bought Gum boots here to be ready for more noutrious choti-dhara and upcoming 25 water-crossings on the way to rohtang from here. Choti-dhara was yet to begin its flow, and the road upto rohtang which is around 60kms passes through dry river beds, snow walls, some scenery which we could only think of in our dreams, and with no time to concentrate on it due to some huge rocks and boulders in middle of the way of which many suv’s could even fear of, N number of water crossings that I even lost count, and what not. Upon reaching rohtang we find a signboard mentioning “Thank you for your visit to spiti valley.” The most nostalgic Sign-board ever read. With Ladakh towards right which would soon be visited in near feature for sure, I take left towards rohtang and climb up. The smooth piece of wide tarmac I find after almost 1000kms of travel. And that feeling now couldn’t be written here. Rohtang was like so crowded that i have not seen so many people croweded at a single place in past 10 days. Yes not even in karol bagh. Where my bike overheats and refuses to crank. This happend 3 times until I reach manali. No remarks from the bike as it overheats same like it has no gear indicator. Rohtang was totally different as opposed to kunzum pass, and the way I pictured it like from my last visit there 12 years back. Next 60kms was mixed of some quality tarmac with equally justified views but traffic either on my side or the oncoming or somtimes on the both. Such a mess this place has become over years. It took almost 3hours for us to descend the 60kms to manali with some serious overtaking monuvers included. Dominar is totally a gem at it. The slipper clutch, the ABS kicking in whenever necessary acting as a safety net. And we reach Manali. With 3days to spend in manali, Rain Gods could play all their spells which meant bikes parked in parking for all 3 days. We all just chilled at Drifters Inn in Old manali, sharing all our ride stories over some live music and lip-smacking food.Here I got a chance to test mysef as a so called cyclist at heart and I rented a bicycle for a quick ride. Some last moment shopping before leaving in the night. And we all leave the next morning, And what to write about the way back as no one was happy ridding back from himalayas. Its hard to forget the place which has given us so much to remember. Manali to chandigarh includes few kms in mountains, and some on dead straight punjab higways. But a drastic weather change, with every layer of thermal been removed by everyone at every pitstop. The heat being felt increasing with every mile passed. Finally on highways where dominar undoubtedly exceled in every parts. And got some chance to test drag skills as we entered the rather deserted chandigarh ring road. The ride of lifetime ends here for everyone. For me it was last 250kms of highway ridding from chandigarh to delhi as I had to catch a flight from Delhi on 18th june evening. The next Morning I left from chandigarh, all alone this time. Means I could now find my comfortable pace and ride on it. Left at around 9:30 in the morning. Good 6lane road with excellent tarmac and I was 120kms in the first hour of ridding. Stopped for a quick hydration break. Check the bike which we must do very often while ridding solo. Just was again worried about the tyre condition as I found it to be low on pressure before starting. The pressure was acceptable but the tyres were so hot that i could barely touch them. I was doing 120–140kmph from past 0ne hour which seemed to be the best comfort zone for the engine, but what use if the tyres couldn’t handle it. Now loosing confidence I covered next 100kms in next hour again and stopped for a break and to my surprise I found the tyre to be flat when I started ridding after the break. Not again I prayed to God, but a deep cut maybe by gravels it was. Fixed it just 25kms before delhi and set the google maps to karol bagh. And began to tackle delhi traffic. Missed two exits from the highway on my left and the third right took me straight to India Gate. Two rounds of it again I was back on my way to Karol Bagh from some dead traffic jams where cars refused to move even a centimetre even in 15mins but 1hour down and I was at karol bagh meant I was still in good pace in respect to delhi norms. Time to say good bye to the Dominator and return the bike to the rental company. 2k kms ridden, a lakhs of memories to have was the best deal.

With trip yet to end with a flight back home from delhi and some time to spend with friends at Cannought Place.

The adventure of the lifetime finally comes to an end …!!!