Finalizing #matholymp’16 fundraiser with Razom

Matholymp is a fundraiser held in partnership with non-profit Razom that financially supports Ukrainian team on international mathematical competitions. Last year we have set a goal to help the team of 6 student participants and 3 observers demonstrate their skills on international arena. While Ministry of Eduction of Ukraine covers cost of participation and travel for students, for observers the funds were not allocated this year. Being critical members of the team, observers are needed to achieve better results in the contest. So the main goal of our fundraiser in 2016 was to raise money to cover travel and participation fee for 3 observers.

There was a recurring question over the past year were some people had asked: why raising funds that would ultimately benefit a very small, selected group of people (members of Ukrainian math olympic team).

First of all, it is important to realize that selection to international olympic team happens in multiple stages where hundreds of thousands of high school students across the country participate. My very rough estimate, based on the number of participants just in Vinnyts’ka oblast are: about 200.000 students from all regions of the country participate annually. While most do not advance to international level, the core principles are to challenge oneself, to demonstrate knowledge, to advance to the next level. While not everybody dreams of getting to IMO, for the network of students of math schools this is a very common dream/goal. Supporting their dream and building foundation for their future careers is what drives us in our effort.

Our team of volunteers on the ground in Ukraine (teachers, university students, professors) in 2016 held more than 30 separate competitions on 4 different levels (International, All-Ukrainian, Kyiv city and kids only), that altogether span 150 days (out of 365 in a year). More than 10.000 young Ukrainian mathematicians participated. Full report about all events held in 2016 can be found on website.

How did our team do?

All our team members were rewarded with medals in Hong Kong! Nikita Skybytsky and Denis Pushkin got silver medals, Anton Trygub, Iaroslav Kivva, Olga Silina and Ngo Ngok Thai Shawn got bronze medals.

Our team was not able to achieve the status of best European team again, but it was still a very successful and significant achievement on behalf of our contestants, observers and teachers. More detailed information about the performance of our (and other) team can be found on the matholymp website.

How did we do financially?

We have advertised the goal to collect 12.000$.
During 2016 we have receive donations from 64 individual donors amounting total to $16.790.

We have issued total of 3 wire transfers that were directly aimed to support participation of Ukrainian team:

  • $8,200 to The International Mathematical Olympiad, Hong Kong Committee Limited, for participation of 3 observers
  • $1,961 airfare to Kiy Avia, for 2 observers flying with a team to Hong Kong.
  • $200 to Australian Mathematics Trust, as requested by IMO Foundation as voluntary donation for administrative fees and recurring costs incurred by international olympiad committee.

We have aimed to send individual thank you letters for most of our donors. In fact many of our donors love mathematics themselves and were participants of olympiads in Ukraine at one point or another.

As of beginning of 2017, we had about $5400 on our account.

Stay tuned to learn about our plans in 2017!