Living Like Everything Is a Drug

Today, I was watching a video on the fashion industry and consequence of mass-produced clothes. It talked about the social ramifications of making the choice to be better, to care. It made sense. I should support this stuff, but that’s not the only trending research consumers are supposed to be doing. There is also the rising trend of cancer and other health complications like fertility and obesity. How these are all related is a tough, multi-dimensional issue. And I just gave up.

Today, there’s so much marketing, advertising, and just information. It’s incomparable to news media in the past. It’s brain overload. Cause does not equal correlation is a fundamental law but to put it into practice is impossible solo.

Today, I’ve made a choice to simplify everything. I’m starting with the dimension of beauty because it has the most personal impact on my life. It reaches into my confidence, professionalism, and healthy. I’m not an actor but my looks are an asset for which I have a team of only one, myself, to maintain it. And makeup as a lifelong additive makes me feel like I’m just not confident enough to go without it. A way to be beautiful following an all natural DIY routine. I’m defining beauty in my case as a healthy complexion and a tame mane.

The goal: Simplify my beauty routine into kitchen-grade goods only of a maximum of 5 products only.

5 might sound drastic. But think about, this is just products. It doesn’t even cover the monthly maintenance both genders undergo in the form of waxing, hair cuts, threading, and more.

What this philosophy does do is eliminate the majority of any need to research into chemical preservatives and the verbal equivalent of native advertising at your local beauty store.

Wish me luck!