VPNs Are Absolutely a Solution to a Policy Problem
Mo Bitar

It totally makes sense when you say that one should devalue their data and make it useless for the ISPs, after all it’s our personal property and no one has the right to snatch that away from us. Well, now that Trump has made this Broadband Privacy Rule Official, we have to use VPNs to save ourselves from the spying. I tried setting up a VPN server the way it’s told in the Github link, but I think just directly getting a VPN would work for me now. And yes, talking of VPNs, we need them fast, so during my search I come across this, may it’ll help those who are need, we’ll practically everybody who’s concerned about their online privacy I guess: https://www.reviewsdir.com/fastest-vpn-services/ Just my two cents on the topic. Cheers! Nice writeup by the way!

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