Sep 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Tarasca DAO is working on the creation of a first collection of cards in Ardor, called “Mythical Creatures of the World”. We have already published some information about our project and about the characteristics of the collection. In this post we will explain some more details about what we are doing.

1. Cards.
The collection will begin with the publication of 50 cards, each one a token of the Ignis childchain. There will be 10 creatures from each continent, classified by Terrestrial, Aquatic or Aerial, and all endowed with attributes (Strength, Speed, Magic, Resistance…) that will allow us to build games with them.
The cards are tokens of the blockchain, and all its characteristics are recorded in it, including the painting. The exact amount of tokens issued from each card will be public and by configuration new tokens of a creature can not be issued once it is published. By configuration, the tokens are freely interchangeable among the collectors, being able to transfer freely or even put them on sale in the decentralized market of Ardor, without paying any commission to Tarasca. In the same way, any dev can create games that use these cards without asking permission or paying license to Tarasca DAO.
The selection of the first 50 creatures is already made, as well as the description texts that will allow collectors to learn about the culture that generated them.
The collection does not close with these 50 cards. Although it will be perfectly functional with them, in the future we intend to continue to discover more creatures all over the world. We really enjoy this “hunt”!

2. Webwallet.
To make the collection user-friendly we are creating a specific web wallet for users. This web wallet shows the cards owned by the collector, facilitates the purchase of random card packs and opens a simple access to the decentralized market of Ardor to exchange cards with other collectors.
The web wallet also allows the purchase of Ignis, which is the currency in which the cards are bought and sold. This will be done through third-party exchange services, and we want it to support both Bitcoins and credit cards.
The web wallet is in private testing status.

3. Smart-contract.
The sale of the cards is inspired by the distribution model of physical cards, by means of sealed envelopes with random cards. This will be done through a smart-contract that manages sales from the Account that stores all the cards. Each time that account receives a payment of a pack, the smart-contract shuffles the cards and sends the corresponding number of cards to the buying account.
In addition, the same smart-contract saves a part of the sales income, and distributes it among the collectors who have managed to complete the collection and have claimed the prize.
The smart-contract is outlined in detail but not written, and its implementation must wait for the Ardor mainnet to include this new functionality.

4. Other ideas.
The entire team of Tarasca DAO is focused on completing the works described above as soon as possible, so that the collection can be published and have a functional product that generates income.
However, there are other ideas on the table that we could start developing after the publication of the card collection, but about which we can not talk in detail yet. They include new collections of cards created by other artists, games that use these cards, and also a service platform for artists (market, tokenization of works, auctions, etc.). If there are developers who are interested in participating, please get in touch with us by email at tarasca_dao [at]

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