What is Lean Productivity?

Want to get more done? Then it’s time to become lean.

Lean Productivity is a simpler, faster, and better way to become productive.

● Lean Productivity is about doing less to achieve more

● Lean Productivity shows you how to stay focused

● Lean Productivity guides you towards your life goals

● Lean Productivity helps you reduce waste from your daily life

● Lean Productivity is about finding the inner happiness you are looking for

Throughout our lives, we’ve learned how to maximize everything — from profits to happiness. Everything is built on the maximization of something else. Unfortunately, this is the recipe for an unhealthy life, decreased happiness, increased stress, and many other problems. Lean Productivity is the opposite of maximization; think of it as the antibody to the pathogen of “more.” Lean Productivity doesn’t mean that you’ll fail to become super rich, happy, successful, or whatever you want to be. You will get there, but differently.

Lean productivity gets rid of:

● The single myth of success

● Complicated productivity systems

● Task overload

● Unhealthy life

● Chronic unhappiness

● Anxiety

You don’t need to change your whole life to become the person you want to be. You just need to take the first simple step. Lean Productivity guides you in the right direction.

In this book, we’ll show you:

● How to simplify your life

● Why you should start working slower

● How to communicate like a “real” CEO

● How to say “no,” and how to tell people to “fuck off” (kindly)

● How to set goals and prioritize daily tasks

● How to overcome frustration and procrastination

The focus is on a simplified and easy-to-use solution. We’re not going to tell you about particular productivity apps or how to boost your productivity in 15 simple steps. Rather, we’ll stick to the major ideas and philosophies that drive the Lean Productivity process.

Is this book for you?

You’re an entrepreneur, an executive, a manager, a student, or an ambitious person. And you want to achieve more.

Do you try to get more done, but end up just getting bogged down in meaningless activities? Do you get easily distracted by your co-workers or social media? Do you need to overcome procrastination? Do you realize that you’re working overtime, but still feel like you haven’t accomplished anything?

Or maybe you simply want to improve yourself.

If this sounds like you, then you picked the right book.

The difference between you and people who get things done is that they stick to one system. It doesn’t matter which system it is, and it doesn’t matter which tools you use — none of that matters. Reams of content has been written about productivity. We already know what to do, but we’re still searching for a better solution. This is how we humans are built — we always want to find a quicker and easier solution for our problems.

Lean Productivity is a productivity approach among many others. But this approach is different. It’s about finding the right balance between being super organized and not giving a fuck about everything in life. It’s about how to become less stressed and find your inner happiness. It’s about doing less to achieve more. It’s simply about a better life!

Once you start implementing Lean Productivity in one area of your life, you’ll see how you can also apply it to all the other areas.

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