Let’s face it. Bernie isn’t Progressive.

Nobody is a bigger threat to our movement

Bart said:

Tara..seriously..you need to move on. You’re beginning to look like an obsessive compulsive…with some serious fixation issues.

My reply:

Yes. You are correct. I am OBSESSED with trying to save the planet, our future, our country and DemEnter advocates from themselves.

Bernie is an Independent who discourages others from becoming Independent!

How can we conquer the control that corporations have over our elections if we stick with the party that CHEATED US???

And presenting facts about Bernie’s record, and his statements is not “bashing”. It is called “truth-telling”.

If Bernie had retired from politics, would you still want to have anything to do with the Democrats?

That’s why I say that nobody is hurting the formation of one cohesive unstoppable Independent majority more than Bernie.

And he no longer claims to be leading any kind of revolution.

Does he still talk about holding Wall Street accountable? No! Now he’s BFFs with Wall Street’s favorite son, Chuck Schumer.

Half the issues he railed about on the campaign trail have been dropped from his rhetoric, because the leaders of his party disagree.

And yet, millions pretend that nothing has changed.

They never want to discuss how Bernie was cheated.

They say:

“Bernie kept his word.”

“A vote for Hillary is about the same as a vote for Bernie would have been.”

“Democrats will save us.”

“We’re changing the party from the inside (even though Bernie voted “wholeheartedly” in 2017 to keep the same crooks in power positions who orchestrated his defeat in 2016)!”

Joining the opposition? Is that a “thing” now? Pretend like you weren’t cheated, and just move on?

I will NEVER stop trying to unite Progressives into one cohesive majority. Part of that effort includes explaining to incalcitrant loyal Berners that Bernie 2018 is a sorry example of what a coward looks like.

Yes, coward. I’m sure every great revolutionary was threatened. None of them joined their opposition and ignored their loyal supporters!

You don’t think they threatened JFK, MLK or Gandhi? Bernie knew what he was getting into!

A true leader is well aware of the risks to himself and his family.

A true leader informs his family of the possible dangers and consequences involved.

The entire family decides whether this is a cause worth risking their lives to accomplish.

Did George Washington ever become an openly vocal supporter and recruiter for the British?

Or FDR? Was he a Nazi, working against them from the inside?

I feel it is my duty to do what I can to try and bring all Progressives together.

Those who stuck with Bernie and the Dems keep trying to convince those who moved on to come back to the fold.

They just don’t seem to understand that our consciences will NEVER let us DemEnter. Ever.

Therefore, it is not a real possibility that we will all unite as Democrats.

Ergo, the ONLY way to get us all under ONE UMBRELLA is if we unite outside the duopoly!

Sticking with the Democrats, who committed felonies against their own base, is like staying with an abusive lover, and swearing that they can be rehabilitated.

You refuse to recognize some things.

1) The Democratic elites do not WANT to change.

2) The Democratic elites see no reason to change — look at the millions who stayed in the party, giving tacit approval to cheating as an acceptable way to win elections.

3) The Democratic elites don’t seem to care that felonies were committed, and they intend to do it again, after all, it worked last time!

4) The Democratic elites have made it abundantly clear that they do not want Progressives in their party.

5) Schumer wants to replace each one of us with two moderate Republicans!

6) The Democratic elites may have let Progressives win a few inconsequential races on purpose — to keep Berners on the books as registered Democrats, believing that they will be able to “change the party from the inside.”

7) The Democratic elites have all the advantages:

  • • Incumbency
  • • Name Recognition
  • • Huge War Chests
  • • Unlimited Corporate donors
  • • The media
  • • Control of the voting machines

When it comes to National Elections, the elites will not quietly stand by and let Justice Democrats win!

They will fight dirty. They will slander. They will lie. They will close polling places. They will purge 100s of thousands of eligible voters. They will lower the number of voting machines. They will hack voting machines to get the desired results. They will end exit polling. They will CHEAT in any way they can.

Just like last time.

Bernie knows this. He will “lose” just like he did last time. And millions of dollars will be collected in donations that will ultimately end up in the coffers of his rival.

And all your efforts will amount to naught. And all that time and energy spent will leave you without a Progressive to vote for on Election Day.

That is why I will never stop trying to dissuade errant “Progressives” from sticking with a guaranteed loser.

That is why I will NEVER stop trying to help people like you see the futility of this ridiculous crusade.

Bernie has been tamed. He will never deliver on his political revolution. That ship sailed and sank in 2016. Can’t you see that?