Does War Ever Result in Peace?

I have always been a pacifist. I’m a 5'1" girl, so it makes sense that I’d be like, “Let’s not fight, everyone!” It has got to be inherent self-preservation, right?

I think about 1984 a lot. I read it in my 20s, and the world was digitized enough, I would look askance, and be all, “Shit, this could happen.” The theme that sticks with me the most, though, is “DOUBLETHINK.” I probably hang on that one, because I suffered from cognitive dissonance for many years.

The most blatant form of doublethink today is the notion “war brings peace.” I genuinely wonder if the United States foreign policy is assisting in making us safer? Are the bombing/drone strikes in the Middle East justified? From where I’m standing, no.

I’m a very naive person. I would skip between guns, putting flowers in them all day long, only to have someone get sick of it and shoot. The threat behind one madman’s ability to wreck havoc is suppose to justify, ‘war keeping me safe.’ Except, I’m already going to die someday. It’s a given. No matter how many bombs my country drops on other countries, I’m going to die, eventually. I’d prefer not to be on my death bed, an old women saying, “Sure am glad my country was responsible for killing so many people, so I could live all of these years, in terrified, “safety.” Thanks America.”

The CIA has a term for the escalation our war mongering creates. It is called “blowback.” I see ISIS as blowback. Blowback for Iraq, blowback for the US, no matter the intentions, feeling like the ‘shining light on the hill,’ responsible for “helping” the world. Blowback! Our self-righteous colonialism has blanketed the world in bloody blowback. You can’t hold your thumb on something without getting shoved.

Listen to these feel good thoughts, and let’s discuss, because I would love to be converted to the idea, that my country is acting on anyone’s best interest, besides gun manufacturers.

“At the end of the day, it’s not the Executive branches job to police itself. The courts and congress had opportunity to play the role the Constitution envisioned for them and they didn’t play that role. So I see the current landscape as a testament to a failure of all three branches.” -Jameel Jaffer
“All of a sudden, I heard two shots, and then I saw my grandmother in pieces…I felt a lot of hate and anger towards the United States. I started asking myself, why are they shooting women and children?…My message to the new president of America, is to look at the picture of my grandmother. She did nothing wrong and she was killed. The next president should stop this war and spend money on education instead. Try to win the heart of the world rather than bombing us, and then people won’t be hurting you.” -Nabila ur Rehman
“…they want revenge…the next time they come (United States Navy SEALS) tell them to bring their caskets, we are ready to fight them.” -Iona Craig quoting a Yemenis Man

Have you ever listened to the motives of Anwar al-Awlaki? I don’t recommend googling it, because you’ll probably end up on a list, and because it’s disturbing. I’ll give you the gist though: there is a jihad against the United States, not because they hate our freedoms, not because they’re fighting for Allah, but because we are the occupiers.