How To Create A KILLER Landing Page

‘DING’ You are Live…. Well, That went on and on in my attempts to make an Over the shoulder training for you When One Technical Thing after another TRIED To Stop me.

HOWEVER This Information Can not be Contained and a Video Is Not Necessary.. So Bugger Off Internet Demons! I Will show You haw to tweak Those Landing Pages So You Will Bring your Message To More People.

I Will Be Going over a 2 Step Style Landing page, so what ever Landing page creator you are currently using, You will need to Find The 2 step Template for this Tip. Why you ask? Because 2 Step Landing pages CONVERT More Quality Leads. The 2 Step Landing page Converts 60% MORE than the Standard Single Box Landing page many of us use now.


  • It Builds on the Micro Commitment Principle Without Creating Friction
  • The First Commitment is EASY to make and Once They make ONE Commitment They are 60% more likely to Make The Second Commitment and give You their Information
  • Now You have a person that has Committed Twice And This makes it even more likely they will commit again.

Easy Commitment [Click The Button] Slightly More Difficult Commitment [Give The Name and Email] → Slightly More Difficult Commitment [Purchase Your Front End Offer]

Now, Before I Get To The ONE THING Most of your peers aren’t doing that’s Going To Help YOU Convert Even More [NINJA TRICK AHEAD] Let Me Show you My OLD Landing Page For a Product I sell.

Landing Page Before Face lift

Though It is Visually STUNNING to Look at in Motion [I Used A Video Times Lapse In the Old Background], It Distracts from the Offer Just a Little. The Box is off center and that Button is WAY TOO PRETTY.

The Conversions Were ehh….

103 People Viewed it, 21 People Clicked the First page Button, and 20 Submitted Their Info

I Have Made Sales, Yes, Happy ones , HOWEVER, IMAGINE for a moment, Considering how much Money us Marketers Throw Away On MONTHLY subscriptions for Landing pages, HOW Many More Of Us I could have Helped If I Had my Page Looking Like This:

See, I REMOVE Myself from the Equation and make This page More Visually Appealing To Others

So Now We Have Seen FIRST HAND What My Results Were in STATS Before applying what I am learning in the Top Producer Formula. Now Its a Matter of Time Before I start to See The New Results. I Will keep track and Give an Update in about a month or so. I Specifically did not create a NEW PAGE so I wouldn’t need to Chase down Links I have out in the world. All I will need to Do Is Some Marketing and Share the revised Page With my warm market. For The purpose of this test, I can easily determine NEW results because I have a handle on the Old.

Out Of the 20 people that Opted in to See This Offer — 6 Bought And One Refunded For A Total Earning of almost $200

Out Of the 20 people that Opted in to See This Offer — 6 Bought And One Refunded For A Total Earning of almost $200. I SAVED 5 People Several Hundred Dollars by Offering This Crazy Awesome Service.. Not GREAT but Heck, The little things add up.. I Paid $37 ONCE Since the beginning of January saving me $162 So FAR. I was paying $54 a MONTH for the landing page service I was Using before. I’m Thrilled with these results so far, However I Know it Will Be Significantly Better Results with these Simple Tweaks.

So WHATS The NINJA Trick I Used That Will bring YOU and ME greater Results?

>>>Make 100% Sure That The OPT IN BUTTONS Have exactly The Same TEXT!<<<

Resit The URGE to Have different Calls to Action. For instance: Do not have SEE MORE on the First Page Than ACCESS NOW on the Second Page. It MUST BE CONGRUENT. Why?

Remember I spoke Earlier About FRICTION? Having the Same Words on the Call To Action on BOTH Pages Eliminates any FRICTION That WILL Happen If You Do Not Head The Ninja Trick! SEE It In ACTION Now >> Click Here

I Have Many CTA Buttons to Correct So I Must Go for now. Let Me Know What results You Have with this Landing Page Training By Going to the CONTACT ME page on this Blog and Shooting me a Quick email.

Here’s To Higher Conversions And More Sales!


Coach T

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