The Tao of Network Marketing | Verse Four

It’s Not Black or White, Its Both. The Tao in your Network Marketing business is Embracing the wholeness of it. When we apply the Tao, we begin to love the lows with the highs. You begin to see it all as part of the goal and therefore you begin to Vibrate in the “As If”.

When we begin to act and live in the “As If” we become fulfilled. Once we Feel fulfilled, we ARE. Today’s Verse brings us even closer to the magickal in our businesses. We begin to feel peace and move through it and in the doing and being we are tapped into the Ability to positively Influence the world around us. It is then That we get to experience the success of others as well as our own.

Verse Four

The Tao is empty

but inexhaustible


The Ancestor of it all.

Within it, the sharp edges become smooth;

the twisted knots loosen;

the sun is softened by a cloud;

the Dust settles into place.

It is hidden but always present.

I do not know who gave birth to it.

It seems to be the common ancestor of all,

The father of things.

The Wisdom of the Tao is a comfort as well as a discomfort. Revealing to you what is not wanted and Showing you what you do want. Its all together in you. Taking the Time to just be and observe the observable in our businesses helps us to understand the Underlying flow in it all.

I Invite you to Allow some day dreaming in you life. Today, as you attend the Empower Hour At 9 pm est, Allow yourself to be silent and resist responding, Just allow yourself to fill the spaces between the words with your thoughts and Allow yourself to be ready to hear that moment in your soul that urges you to respond. Write the Thought down and return your awareness to the call that same way as before. You will discover A deeper meaning than the people that just listen while they scroll through Facebook. Your Knowledge will deepen and in turn you will be a more effective Network Marketer.

If You Resonate with me and My message and would love to work with me, Click here to begin.

Here’s To Our Finest Life,

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