Your Efforts Will PAY You

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels?

Do you ever get disheartened because You are not experiencing the results of your efforts? No one is Joining your Business, no one is opening your emails, your Videos aren’t being watched… Things just don’t look good. You’re Struggling and Close to Quitting, throwing in the towel, getting back out there and looking for a job…

I’m Here to Tell you something Very important before you do. I need you to hear this message because I believe you can do this. I know it looks real bad right now. You’re struggling to get food on the table, the bill collectors are calling, you student loans are in default. You don’t know whats going to happen next and Your scared… You’re scared everything is going to fall apart.

You are Not alone.. See it wasn’t that long ago, I was In the Middle of that reality. Things got Really tough. Tougher than I ever thought it would be. I learned something really important during that time and as we began to transition out of it. I was reminded of that today when I was listening to my INNER CIRCLE Audios.

When You are READY, All of your Efforts are Going To PAY you.. Yes I mean PAY you, But you gotta do One Thing…. You Can NOT give in to your fears and QUIT taking action.

You Will Reach the Tipping Point, ITS THE LAW. The Law of Reciprocity. Let me go over with you what the Tipping point Is First.

Tipping Point Defined

1.the crisis stage in a process, when a significant change takes place
2.the culmination of a build-up of small changes that effects a big change
3. The Point Of No Return
tipping point. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved March 24, 2015, from website: point
The tipping point is the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. The term is said to have originated in the field of epidemiology when an infectious disease reaches a point beyond any local ability to control it from spreading more widely. A tipping point is often considered to be a turning point.
The term is now used in many fields. Journalists apply it to social phenomena, demographic data, and almost any change that is likely to lead to additional consequences. Marketers see it as a threshold that, once reached, will result in additional sales. In some usage, a tipping point is simply an addition or increment that in itself might not seem extraordinary but that unexpectedly is just the amount of additional change that will lead to a big effect. In the butterfly effect of chaos theory , for example, the small flap of the butterfly’s wings that in time leads to unexpected and unpredictable results could be considered a tipping point. However, more often, the effects of reaching a tipping point are more immediately evident. A tipping point may simply occur because a critical mass has been reached. [Source]

You See, Its Scientific, Its LAW. Every Single Video you cut, Every single Blog you write, Phone call you make, Presentation you do… Every singleAmount of Effort you put into your Personal Development, Every Course you take, Every Book you Read…. Every Meditation, Every exercise… EVERYTHING You Do Literately ADDS UP. And it will not be washed away UNLESS you STOP.

You ARE Gaining Momentum, You may not Feel that right NOW, However YOU ARE.

Imagine Standing Near a Rail Road track. You just see it draw the line off into the distance. You don’t See a train, however You know there is one Coming. You know that Sooner or latter its coming. You BELIEVE IT, You Have FAITH IN IT. You may even Have Evidence of it.. But right now, there is No Sign of it, Just the Train Tracks laid out in front of you. As Some time passes You Hear the howl of the engine off in the distance, you can not see it, if you place you’re hand on the tracks, you still will not feel it, however, You know its coming. A little while longer you can hear it closer and feel the faint vibration on the track… Its Coming and You are even more sure of it than you previously thought you could be. The Train is Coming And You know you will soon see it. Just at that Moment, off in the distance to see the pin point of light on the Engine. You Only know what it is, because YOU know it before You see it. All the evidence Points to it. You will see Your Train Today! You Prepare for The Moment and step back from the tracks and Make yourself a seat at a safe distance. Maybe You get your Camera out or Maybe You just want to Watch it today.. Maybe you want to see what Einstein saw… Maybe You Just like Trains. No Matter What it is, You will be prepared for it, Because of All The Belief And Work and Faith… Its loud now.

The Train is right there, Barreling toward you. Your heart gets excited like when you were a little kid… The Train still gets you all excited about possibilities. And With A BIG SWOOSHHH The Train engine FLY’S by you. The Clacking of the Metal wheels and gears, The hiss, the Dust whirls around.. Steady Chunga Chunga Chunga CLANK and it Has Moved past The TIPPING POINT.

You’re Point of Observation IS the Tipping point in this Story. Each car moves by, you see the people sitting in their seats, the ones Walking around that are Seemingly performing some Magick because THEY are going SLOW while the Car goes FAST. The Trains Travel Past your Point of observation Has Given it The Point Of No return. It can not be stopped; It Has MOMENTUM, It Had it Before You Even Saw it! It Continues on to Its Destination.. Only the Breaks can Stop it. Only Then will it slow slowly to a halt.

What About The LAW of Reciprocity And how does that relate to The Tipping Point? Well You see The Law of Reciprocity is THIS:

It is the Universal Law that determines precisely what is received in return and shows up in physical form as a result of what is broadcast or given out. The Law of Reciprocity in essence, at this deeper level of cause returns to us or reciprocated based on our individual choices as to what we ask. [Source]

In Other Words, The Law of Reciprocity Guarantees You Will Receive Equal to Or Greater Response from The World. Its Important to Keep Your Positivity High here…

Because If YOU QUIT….. You Will Loose all of that Momentum… Just like the train has to rebuild its momentum after it has come to a station, Let out its passengers and Moves on, Leaving the Station…It Must Start ALL over Again borrowing NOTHING from the Previous Momentum it Had before.

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