Bananas || love-hate edition

At First…

I’ve never really liked bananas. The taste didn’t agree with my taste buds. Oddly enough, I like banana bread.

For quite some time, I never thought much of this dislike. Everyone has something they dislike, right?

For the past few years, I’ve seen my mom eat and drink things that she did not like. I thought to myself, ‘I could never’. She always emphasized the importance of health and that she’d take it regardless because of its benefits. She always would say that if she had nothing else, whatever was available to eat, she would eat. She’s been there before, having starved and struggled for years.

Me? I didn’t understand that because I was never in such a situation. Countless times, I’ve pushed away things I didn’t like, even if I needed them. That’s what being spoiled did to me. I couldn’t even appreciate the things that would be an asset to my health.

Taking things for granted caused problems such as a lack of consideration toward all the luxury that I received. There have been instances where vegetables and fruits became spoilt because they weren’t used. I forgot. Why? Because I was living in abundance. That’s what my mom would explain.

“If you only had one thing in the fridge, it wouldn’t spoil,” she would tell me.

I didn’t believe it. I just thought I forgot. I didn’t want to believe that I wasted things because I didn’t care much for them with plenty items around. It was sadly true. I was unappreciative when I was in abundance.

Appreciation Attempt…

One day, I decided it suck up my pickiness when a bunch of bananas appeared. I remembered how my mom would eat healthy things she didn’t like. I peeled the banana, hesitant to eat it. “Eat it, eat it, eat it,” I would encourage myself.

Then when I ate it, the flavor exploded in my mouth and my eyes widened as I ate more and more. This banana was actually delicious! That absolutely did not happen. On the contrary, it ascertained my dislike for it. Nevertheless, I ate it and I was satisfied. Yay for potassium!


I had no idea that something like this might be tolerable for me. This didn’t stop me from feeling picky toward things, however it taught me to fight against my pickiness for my benefit. I ate a banana and I didn’t die or anything. This small act is a sign of strength; I can conquer whatever new banana comes my way and bear the fruit of it.



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