Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting
Tony Zhou

That was every bit as beautiful as your videos. Out of fun, I decided to make a video review of my favorite football game, explaining why I thought it was a very realistic representation of the game. I used hundreds of clips I recorded while playing the game, meticulously tagged with keywords and edited so that my script coincides with what’s happening on screen, something not many gaming site reviews cared about. With no subscribers, this first ever game review of mine shot to 1 million views. I couldn’t believe it. I got a fat paycheck of $1000 from AdSense. As you said, you become trapped by your own success. I tried to create follow up videos for this review, and they garnered around 100k each… Not bad, but never as big as that ‘first book’. Thanks for your hard work and incredible content. Enjoyed every single one of them, and would re-watch them whenever they popped up on my recommended videos. Enjoy life in beautiful Vancouver, and good luck with your next step.