Prominently debated topics like climate change are on people’s minds for decades but in the last few years interest boomed and sustainability became mainstream. The sustainability and ethical life movement now has its permanent place in the media and in our everyday life. We find vegan menus in our cafeteria, we pay co2 compensations for our business trips and we promote circular economy to replace the throw-away-society.

Nevertheless, we still find cheap fast-food restaurant on every street corner and have Amazon as the primary supplier for our everyday needs. Even in densely populated cities, making ethical everyday choices is tough…

Written by Saidusmon Oripov and Tarek Madany Mamlouk

“News should be free!” — “Don’t annoy me with ad banners!” — ”Cookies are evil!” — ”Subscribing to news is way too expensive and brings no value!”

Users often don’t want to hear about how producing content costs money.

It is clear, in the content economy, that the established way of how creators make money is broken. Legislators and consumers actively fight targeted advertising and the narrative that any content on the web should be free stands in conflict with content creators who want to get paid for their work. …

Written by Saidusmon Oripov and Tarek Madany Mamlouk

This November, Axel Springer held its first fully virtual tech-conference. We are an English speaking company but with our headquarters in Germany most of the conference’s participants were Germans. The smaller sessions were organized in MS Teams, where you can enable real-time subtitles. This can be really helpful if you are struggling with the spoken language but it would even be better if the live generated subtitles were directly translated into your preferred language. We don’t have that? Let’s build it!

Choosing the right Technology

There are some critical requirements for this kind of application. We…

A review of 3 years blockchain development

This is a story about Cryptocribs and Cryptokitties, Quantum Computers and Bitcoin Heists, Blood Diamonds and Mandalorian Bountyhunters. A lot has happened in the last 3 years.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

The past years, blockchain was one of those hype topics which consumed and moved vast amounts of money but at the same time was on everybody’s bulls***t-bingo card. The technology itself already existed for over 10 years but only in the past 3 years it really took off, impacting massively the realms of technology and finance. Today the market of blockchain technologies is worth 3 billion USD. …

Stop the Spread — Save Lives

If you follow the Axel Springer Tech Blog you might already have read about the #wirvsvirus hackathon we (Ideas Engineering) joined on March 20th. The hackathon’s goal was to generate ideas, concepts, approaches and technical solutions for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and participation was HUGE!

Our Ideas Engineering team submitted the concept of a Covid-19 tracing app which would help limiting the spread of of the virus by notifying users as early as possible about being in contact with a positively tested person. Assuming that every person uses this app on their phone, the app registers two (or more) people…

Tarek Madany Mamlouk

Innovation Engineer at, Software Developer, Sci-Fi Geek

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