FFI’s journey to co-create Sustainable Food Systems.

Good morning Pretoria!

This year, 2017 has witnessed huge leaps that the Future Food Institute FFI continues to make, in our mission towards creating a sustainable future for the whole world, through food innovation. After our students came back from a two month scouting trip around the world , and organizing the Chocothon in Ghana, we started our Road to G7 journey. We started organizing a series of “Hackathons” in different parts of Italy. These hackathons fall within the framework of the Agrogeneration project, an effort conceived and sustained by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture that targets the immense resource that is young innovators. We charted a roadmap of such events that targets youth as a focus, but also includes experts from other disciplines such as research, business and farming, culminating into the final event of G7 AGRI in Bergamo, 12th 13th of October 2017.

In Milan, during the Global Food Innovation Summit, a number of high school students from different high school sections showcased their unbridled imagination and capacity to use the latest technology to ideate a number of prototypes that address the issue of food waste. Later in Bologna we organized yet another hackathon on the second week of June, this time inviting young graduates to work together on solutions for revalorizing waste.

FFI’s educational approach towards food innovation is greatly in line with the goal of accelerating the shift towards sustainability. Which is why we have joined the Sustainable food Systems programme of the UNEP 10 year framework program as a partner. We were present at the kick off meeting at Milan Expo in October 2015 through WikiExpo project. The meeting included the Co-leads, and members of the the Multistakeholder Advisory Committee MAC. In June 2016 FFI was also present at the FAO workshop on sustainable value chains.

On the 21st of June 2017, FFI will be participating in the 1st Global Conference of the 10YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme, in Pretoria, South Africa. We are looking forward to meet and network with potential partners who share our vision for creating a better future.

Stay tuned…

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