Paul Graham is Still Asking to be Eaten
Holly Wood, PhD

The Influence of the Digital Plutocrat

This feels like a pretty sizable problem, since so much mass-sentiment today is driven by social and digital media.

I see the following pattern pretty consistently:

Sell tech company -> Gain large following -> Surprised to discover how many people suddenly trust you to tell them about how to live their lives, you now orate from your sparkling new podium -> People nod -> People retweet -> People come to you for more advice -> You ignore 9 out of 10 (this way you can stay “in demand”) -> Then you give advice with little substance, passionately -> Young, impressionable minds apply that advice.

One aspect of successful tech culture has been replacing the term “lying” with “growth hacking”. Or don’t replace the word lie with “growth hack” but when a riot erupts, blame the people spreading the lie and pardon the liar to protect the culture.

I don’t mean to suggest Nait promotes liars…intentionally.

That is so incredibly dangerous to the integrity of creativity and entrepreneurship.