Taren Guy & Myavana Hair Journey Service

Taren Guy will be leading the “I Am Me” campaign by Myavana! Premiering this Fall with even more goodness to follow.

In June 2009, Taren became a part of the Natural Hair and Vlogging revolution on YouTube by introducing “Taren916”. Initially, Taren uploaded videos dedicated to documenting her own natural hair journey: A chronicle of her transition from chemical straightening to embracing her natural curls. Within months, Taren Guy gained an unwavering base of loyal fans.

Taren had a nameless charm that was instantly felt by her devoted fans. Her audience expressed a delight that crowded her comment section with replies, requests and sincere gestures of appreciation. Taren has quickly gained over 20 million views worldwide and a devout following of over a half of million on her social networks. Taren’s followers look to her for tips on natural hair and all things beauty related; inside and out.