Dreaming to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry in Bangladesh

Rx71 is a healthcare startup from Bangladesh and the project started as our initiative to do something for the country and improve the health sector. We are calling this project a “360° Digital Healthcare Platform”.

Our Goal

We started Rx71 during the mid of 2014 and we still continue to generate more ideas and increase implementation. We are now a 50+ employee (content team, programming team, marketing, doctor, data collector) company self-financed till date. Our main goal is to educate the general people about their health and help them live a healthier life. For that purpose, we started building a knowledge base for symptom, diseases and local foods.

Disease Database

So far we have gathered highly informative content on 879 diseases. Each of these disease knowledge bases come with its description, causes, symptoms, usual drug information, diagnosis, tests, required operation, risk factors, FAQ, health tips, related animated videos and a doctors list related to that disease. Similarly, every symptom for that disease has their own section with their description, causes, FAQ’s. As you can guess, it was a huge task but still we managed to keep it bilingual, both in Bengali and English. Our system is designed to be multilingual, so we can add more languages in the future.

Food Library and Diet Plan

We have gathered detailed information on 300+ local food preparations in Bangladesh, a great library indeed. Our site is the only place where you can find these compiled, there is no other book or database other than ours. Each of those come with nutrition information including fat, protein, calorie, vitamin, mineral and other dietary details. Utilizing this database, we have created our Diet Planning module and adding more everyday.

Customized Diet Planning

You can plan your individualised diet plan by providing your sex, age, weight, height, lifestyle, and diseases if you have any. With that information, we determine a diet plan chart for your everyday meal excluding the harmful items. This is a unique feature of the diet plan module.

Symptom Checker

Another unique feature of our system is the symptom checker module. As we created a huge database of diseases and their symptoms, we also created an interactive system that can ask you your health related problems interactively and can give you a possible diagnosis. So before going to a doctor, you have the advantage to research on the possible diseases you might have and learn more using the interlinked disease database and related videos. Also, if you are not sure which doctors to go to, this system can suggest you which doctors you might go to.

Doctor Listing

The next phase is to connect you to the real doctors. We have gathered information on 7500+ doctors from Dhaka. This database will let you find doctors according to their speciality, degrees and achievements, where they practice and their fees. Plus it will also allow you to contact them and you will be able to download their business card too. The appointment system has not yet been added, but we are planning in near future. So, if you are sick and cannot go out, you still can get appointments without going to a clinic.

Hospital Management System & HealthVault

The Context

Taking our vision one step further, we solved another problem. Yet now there was not any solution in Bangladesh that can store your healthcare data. People have a tendency to not to store their medical history. The tests we did in the past, the medicines we took and the problems or symptoms we had for generations in our family often play a vital role in treatment. Without those data and doctors are so busy diagnosing with a rush, medical history is mostly skipped and neglected. With the help of our system, you will be able to share your medical history across hospitals and doctors.

The Solution

When clinics or hospitals store their patient information, they don’t for long time and also do not give them to the patient. So, If you visit other clinics, they will lack that data. Hospitals and clinics do not share patient data and that is a problem. As a solution, we have developed an HMS (Hospital Management Solution) that has the required modules to run your hospital with HR, accounting, diagnostic, payroll and few other required components. We store everything in the cloud, in a secure environment.

By accessing it we can generate a rich medical profile about a patient and can share those data to doctors for detailed diagnostics. It will replace your prescriptions, x-ray reports and everything that relates to your health.


You will no longer need to carry bulky prescription folders. We call it the RxVault. It is like a chain of services we have implemented on each step of the healthcare services. Every patient is recognized to our system by a Health Card ID and it’s an efficient way of sharing the same data with multiple hospitals and doctors. You may lose the card but never lose the data. So, even if you are traveling abroad, all your required documents will be always with you.

Help us Grow

The project was started out of the desire to give back to the people with something that revolutionizes society with a long-term value. We want people to benefit from this project as soon as possible for the better. We know it is a big challenge for us to change our traditional system of healthcare. But if we don’t act now for a better future, this might never happen. Any delay is costing lives. We do have high barriers in our mission in terms of funding, implementation and adaptation. We need all the help we can get and appreciate if you reach out to us.