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Earlier this year, I received a recruiting email from Quora. I rarely pay much attention to messages like these but Quora was a company I had long admired. I gave it a quick skim and then ignored it for a few days. I was very happy with my role at my current company, Amplitude, the many opportunities to grow, and the incredible company culture and leadership. There was no reason to go elsewhere.

A few days later, Quora came back to mind. I did a little googling about the company and stumbled on an interview with its founder, Adam D’Angelo. It was a very typical back and forth with a founder that included questions around vision and company culture. …

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Photo by Luke Dorny

Faces buried in stacks of paper, no one seemed to notice as I walked in and quietly found a seat. It was my first week working at Amazon and we were all meeting to discuss growth, sales, and other key metrics.

Surprisingly, almost all of my Amazon Prime team were there including developers, designers, financial staff, and managers. This is the culture at Amazon: everyone needs to obsess over the metrics.

It was 2009, a time when Amazon Prime, a subscription service that offers unlimited 2-day shipping and discounted next day delivery, was a clear success and growing rapidly. …

Sharing photos outside of social media made me feel good about photography again

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Credit: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

It’s never been easier to share a photo with others than it is today. You can share photos of your vacation with friends on Facebook, perfectly frame that shot for your Instagram followers, or broadcast a moment as it happens live with your audience on Twitter. Social media has taken over how, and why, we take photos.

It has become second nature to think of the medium or the person a photo will be shared with before we even stare through the camera’s viewfinder. …


Tareq Ismail

Design @ Quora

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