Similar Signature, Different Stories

Today, Amazon announced its fall line-up with a series of new devices. In each of its product pages, I noticed something curious that I hadn’t seen before:

“Engineered by Amazon” is now included in many of its products’ visual and video marketing. It seems to be Amazon’s new signature for its products.

Remind you of something? There’s another company that often does the same thing.

Photo by Nathan Harrison

Each signature tells a story of the company it represents.

“Designed by Apple in California” boasts Apple’s commitment to craftsmanship. It reminds the user of Apple’s dedication to building products that are beautiful and functional. Design, by nature, is opinionated and therefore Apple’s signature echoes their confidence in their opinions.

“Engineered by Amazon” emphasizes Amazon’s ability to solve difficult problems. It reminds users that it is Amazon’s ingenuity, engineering prowess, and mastery in distribution that allows it to build products at scale that are both convenient and affordable.

What’s interesting is that both design and engineering are about problem solving. Yet, for two companies that have similar products, the use of each word tells wildly different stories — not only about what each company values but more importantly about how each company wants to be recognized.

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