An Evolution in Professional Social Networking — Indorse

Along with the progression in human resources comes the different platforms of professional social networking.

Indorse is a revolutionary platform which allows the user to share their data while retaining ownership of it and profit from it as well, unlike the traditional social networking platforms where issues about personal information ownership and the commercialization of it is a major concern.

This platform uses rewards in the form of Indorse bucks and reputation system to incentivize the users once they have added their claims. Claims are the user’s achievements be it personal or professional — it could be earning a college diploma or finishing a race. A user can put as many claims because there is no limit to claims endorsements. However, putting up a false claim deeply affects the user’s score.

It is important to note that a user must always add a link for his proof of claims since another user, a randomly selected one, will review his claims and if verified, will then endorse him. Both the user and endorser will be merited with Indorse bucks and Indorse score once a claim is verified. These Indorse bucks that both the user and endorser earns will later be converted to a services token (IND) at the end of a defined vesting period. These tokens can be used to purchase services the platform is offering. What is more awesome about it is these tokens are transferable, it can be traded.

Indorse’s system is developed from the company’s observation that a lot of students are graduating from college but a considerable amount of them are unable to land a job due to skills gap — the skills that jobs demand do not match with what students learn in college. Indorse believe that qualifications are representations of skills acquired.In this age of constant influx of information and knowledge, the only constant is change. That, and deep skills which allow us to ride the changes. The right skills will allow us to adapt to situational and information changes quickly and flexibly; they are our means of navigating this increasingly complex world.

Indorse is releasing their token on ethereum network and if you guys wanted to be an investor, join the crowdsale for its going to end in few days. Click here to join the tokensale. To learn more about them, check their whitepaper.

Just so you know these are the team responsible for making your investments grow. And also they are promoted by the reputable ICO listing team of TokenMarket. —


  • Benedict Chan, Director of Engineering at BitGo, Inc.
  • Loi Luu, Founder and Developer for the SmartPool Project
  • Patrick McCorry, Research Associate (Blockchain), UCL
  • Matthew Tan, CEO and Founder of Etherscan
  • Shaun Djie, Co-founder & Partnership Director at DigixGlobal
  • Kc Chng, Co-founder & CEO at DigixGlobal
  • Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium
  • Yacine Teraï, Blockchain Investment & Corporate Business Advisor, Coinsilium
  • Dushyant Bhatia, Co-founder & Director at Gozoop


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