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USMLE is United States Medical Licensed Exam contacted by US. This exam is who wants to pursue as a physician or graduates in US. Once you clear this you will ensured as a licensed physician in US. So for this they are contacting three steps of exam namely Step 1 , Step 2, Step 3 and step 4.

To clear this Step 2 exams you have to go through some training. If you’re looking for Step 2 CS exams you may search on Step 2 Cs Online Review Course. Target USMLE is one of the training center located in chennai. They are offer video tips, Free tips, mock videos and so on. They will take care you until you achieve the goal. So for better preparation for your exams contact Target USMLE.


For Details:

Target USMLE

No. 2 Reddipalayam Street, 1st Floor,

Mugappair West,

Chennai 600037,


E- mail:,


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