In the lecture, the professor introduced some work of her team. She pointed out her idea of architecture and take a look at the special characteristic in details. She has introduced many high technique usage and initial design ideas but failed at end.

She said about the work of architecture is changing the assumptions of conventions of space, people usually are abstracted by the outstanding surface of building, or strange outside looking style, i remember a a fog making machine they built in Swiss. Only from the outside, it is like a cloud, but stiil curious for the people to figure out. For the visitors, all the conventions of spectacle are turned on their head when when walk through, which indicated our visual dependence is put into focus.

Which i have a deep understanding of architecture is the example of ICA- the institute of contemporary art in Boston. The ICA has a outward focus on the nature of site, since it is located beside the river, and from outside the institue is a wide space and opened area which can actually corresponding to the river. But the inside of program did not respond to the Nature at all. When people move inside, then they are squeezed by the theater by the very compressed space, the view is more like to be turned off. The intention of the design idea is to let the view stalk people, but limited by the client.

There is the most interesting part is a space named Mediatheque, a big cantilevered portion of the building. It is used for digital artworks or curated artworks off the web. The whole area is facing the river, and through the ceiling it expose the water itself, the texture of water, which is a thought relate to nature. I think this part has more relation to the nature but seems not useful.

Another work i get a deep impression is Alice Tully Hall, they make it as a street identity, expand the lobbies and create a visually accessible. The old building is naturally hermetic, but the architects stripped it and create new space seemed to exposed to the sky. which is really cool as a re- build work. they used different material combination from past and create a sense of contemporary feeling. She also takes some details explaining the changes required by the client. They combine all the high technique, strip all the visual distraction, using light as important factor in order to create intimacy in the hall.

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