Just in the nick of time and before my sixth decade on the planet, I have made the life changing decision to choose to be happy. Years of worrying, stressing, controlling, denying, have given me nothing but pain and little joy for life.

Tenacious, if nothing else at times, I have read and researched since the beginning of the year into how best to improve my attitude and perspective to life in general. From the minutiae of every day living to the bigger stuff; relationships, health, my post sixty future.

We all deserve a second chance and if we put our hearts into accomplishing change to give us that opportunity, we get to a place where happiness is there for the taking.

Just refuse to be miserable. Refuse to get wound up, irate, exasperated, frustrated, angry, resentful, mad at the world and everyone in it. Forget the antisocial “don’t get mad, get even” – just don’t get mad. Choose to have a healthy and happy perspective no matter what.

Don’t react to life but interact with it. Bad stuff happens all the time, to everyone. It’s not personal ok. You can choose to make it so but that’s your choice. Life can be sweet or sour and the effort in choosing one over the other is minimal; so why choose to be miserable?

Give yourself, your partner, your family and friends, work colleagues and everyone you come into contact with today – a break. Kindness reveals beauty and small acts of random kindness go a long way. They also make us feel happier about who we are and our day in general. As the saying goes, every great journey starts with a small step. Take that step today and choose to be a happier person, no matter what. It takes practice, it takes focus, it takes energy but the rewards far outweigh the effort.

When we practice being happy we ignore our miseries, and practice, after all, makes perfect.

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