How to succeed in life when you’re a french 19 y-o with arabic background, and with this bad english, and with all the irony of the world.

After this big title, who, I hope made you coming here I can start with my topic. Since the day I was born, the duty in the family was “be a physician, there is no unemployment”… I failed my first year, I didn’t succeed.

My first year in high school was really cool, I had those very good results, and all this kind of shit, but the 2 next years were catastrophically weak , like I loosed 7 points in the same class, “mathematics” in 2 years.

Finally I got my Baccalauréat (end of high school in France)… and I’m remembering one thing that I understood like 5 minutes ago, I was the first in my english class, but when I have to understand some courses in enligsh, I literally Can’t understand them.

I would like to talk about my arabic origins, more specifically, the country that I came from is “ Morocco”. I lived there from 0 to 9, I’m glad to be for a part French and for a part Morrocan, but not for the mixity things, and non-real shits. It’s more for the “silencious majority” who is working very hard in each country.

When you live in France as an arabic guy, you’re a terrorist or a robber in the mindset of a LOT of Frenchies, listen to me, we are just living life like everybody, chilling with the friends, and trying to succeed in life.

Ask someone why the French dream doesn’t exist, I have the answer : France is a land of casts who loves each others…France is making some real dreams coming true, like the health system, his application is fascinating me every day.

I’m Proud to Defend Frenchies, because I’m certainly one of theme,but don’t think that my opinion of success is to lick boots, my opinion of success is simple as “ bonjour”. Getting huge money, living the life we all wants in Maldives, married to a good wife ( 19 and thinking for a wife ?! I’m stupid man ).

Our world is a Fucking rubiks cube, who is changing every day of composition, maybe tomorrow unemployment will be at 100 %

Just do your choices, love what you’re doing and fuck the rest.

Also when you will finish reading this thing, just read it for the love to read, don’t give a fuck about what I’m saying bro, I’m 19 and I didn’t correct my errors along this text.


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