The famous opening paragraph of Charles Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities is applicable to many of our daily lives, struggles and fights. It is certainly applicable to the issues surrounding privacy in the tech world.

Yesterday, the world lost one of its most passionate fighters for online privacy and control of personal data and I lost a long-time business partner and friend. Actually, Shane Green was more like a brother than any of those other things and I wanted to write a few words to remember him, say my goodbyes and tell the world what he was like.

Shane Green speaking at Intel privacy event
Shane Green speaking at Intel privacy event
Shane Green (center) speaking at an Intel event on privacy

Machine learning on the edge

Machine learning is one of the hottest topics today. Everyone is talking about it. Major companies are investing massive amounts of money into it and developers are staying up nights improving their skills.

For machine learning to be successful, we need to train algorithms with known datasets. This produces models that we can use in the wild. But in order to fully deploy them and make use of them, we need data to put through the algorithm and get a result.

There are many different machine learning models that do different things. …

What if you could integrate with a single API, in minutes, to get Social, Financial, Health, Fitness and / or Music data with an individual’s consent and terms that work for you AND them?

What if that API had privacy and security built in at every level and put you in a great position to achieve GDPR compliance and keep your customers and their data safe and secure?

That’s a win, win, win! There are three winners in this scenario:

1. The individual: gets a copy of their data that they can reuse over and over to get more services…

(And Why You Should Too)

The web is full of articles on native versus hybrid mobile apps. Whether a company started with hybrid, or switched to hybrid, they all seem to end up in native. to be candid, if you’ve read your fair share of these articles, you would think hybrid spells disaster!

Developers lean towards hybrid to be able to make tweaks after the app store review process, or because they don’t how to write apps for all of the major platforms. …

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