Is it Time to Ditch the Hamburger Menu?

I can be a carnivore or a vegetarian depending on what I am trying to accomplish with the design. I think users are generally conditioned to understand that it is a menu, but I also agree if you have a super clean design (aka lots of room left over) you can simply write out “Menu” and it will be more intuitive for more people.

In the example citing Facebook, they actually retained the hamburger menu. They just moved it to the bottom-right and it contains all of the less frequently used features for advanced users — which in my mind is the appropriate use for the hamburger menu.

Over the last few years, the Bootstrap framework is what in my opinion gave rise to the hamburger menu as people copied the code samples for the templates they liked. In this framework, the hamburger menu is what the full menu collapses into when there is not enough space, but most of these templates do not start with a collapsed menu.

So, I guess I would say I am a carnivore when it comes to dealing with mobile-responsive issues to collapse a menu or to put advanced (overflow) menu items into like Facebook does with the ones they did not have the room to bring to the main screen.

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