Silicon Valley arrogance: “I can tell you which startups will succeed, without even knowing what…
Dan Kim

Yet again Dan Kim, I couldn’t agree more :)

This is yet another post in which you express a strong viewpoint which I can’t help but double-down on! I read the same article and felt the exactly the way you did, but didn’t decide to write anything about it, so I am going to just add on to what you said…

Arrogant and irresponsible is exactly right. If those are the keys to success, why didn’t she make Yahoo work instead of having to sell it off in the end? As you pointed out, she cancelled remote work and fired anyone who wasn’t ready to join her vision for the big transformation.

The worst part here is that some CEOs-to-be will read this and blindly follow this advice. Hard work is definitely a requirement for success, but I am glad there are successful businesses like yours, Buffer and Treehouse to name a few that are figuring out how to balance and patently disprove these claims.

Thanks for writing about it…

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